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EnchantedWanderer's Karma

Total: 92 (92  User Votes) and 3

2/9/2016Idioticnomad more like
1/29/2016Ty --- Cig Man
1/21/2016Some fog green again! Isis One
1/18/2016Fog family good vibes. imjustsayin...aka...b​arb
1/16/2016Karma Hugs and greetings ~ A r k
1/14/2016Autumn Dreams :)
1/13/2016Banland karma, Isis One
1/10/2016New Year Green! I hope 2016 treats you well! ~ Simple27 : )
12/29/2015Fighting the Flat Erthies - Hydra
12/22/2015Hope all is well and that you & yours have a safe holiday season! ~ Simple27 : )
12/18/2015EW, Good to see you around : ) Much Love & Respect ...dettro
12/15/2015Fog family. imjustsayin. barbara
11/22/2015Good vibes~~~ imjustsayin...aka...b​arbara
10/22/2015To upgrade...can
10/8/2015Green day - WA
10/5/2015Hope all is well. Big hugs! ~ Simple27 : )
10/4/2015Giving you green for your unban
10/3/20151 immunity green. imjustsayin. barbara
10/3/2015Green for you WatcherJ
10/3/2015Happy Ocober EW, love, Isis One
10/2/2015Love the eyelashes
9/27/2015T~ love xxx
9/22/2015Good green your way today. ChiaPet
9/20/2015T~ love xxx
9/18/2015Here's a green for you!
9/5/2015Hope you can upgrade, let me know, if not, I can do it! Isis One
9/2/2015Love from ~T~ xxx
8/30/2015Hope you had a great weekend! ~ Simple27 : )
8/29/2015Upgrade green sweetie, Isis One,
8/25/20151 green hug fog family. Barbara. imjustsayin
8/25/2015Here you go
8/22/2015Love from ~T~ xxx
8/22/2015Giving you some green from the FOG Family ~Muse1111
8/22/2015Green for you my friend - WA
8/18/2015Karma hugs! ~ Simple27 : )
8/2/2015Asending good vibes your way. ChiaPet
7/5/2015Hugs! ~ Simple27 : )
7/5/2015Big green hug, hope you are doing well. ChiaPet
7/1/2015You are Loved! :) AKO
6/26/2015Hi EW, Great Vit C post, Isis One
6/3/2015Karma hug! ~ Simple27 : )
5/24/2015I am late with the green, but here it is. :) ~Vesper33~
5/10/2015Big hugs! Hope all is well! ~ Simple27 : )
5/9/2015Greetings ~ A r c
5/5/2015Much respect m y dear-shad
5/5/2015Hi EW!!! Karma Love, Isis One
5/5/2015Green hug. imjustsayin. barbara
5/5/2015Green hug to EW! ChiaPet
5/5/2015Blessings - WA
4/22/2015Nice to have you back! ~ Simple27 : )
4/22/2015God Bless - WA
4/21/2015Hi EW, nice to have you back, here some green to rebuild, Isis One
3/20/2015Sending you good vibes and hope the energies are treating you better now
3/17/2015Hiya from. ~T~ xxx
3/12/2015Nice to *see* you! Hugs! ~ Simple27 : )
3/12/2015XOX back to you :) IWTB76
3/12/2015Hope to see you round more often - hugs - WA
3/3/2015Thank you for the birthday wishes! ~ Simple27 : )
2/27/2015For your Sandy Hook participation. Thanks so much fir adding your truths ~ Lil Sis
2/27/2015Green hug IWTB76
1/19/2015Green from ~ A r c
1/14/2015Green hugs. imjustsayin. barb
1/7/2015Karma Hug Back! ~ Simple27 : )
12/23/2014Much love to a beautiful soul! ~ Simple27 : )
12/18/2014Greetings ~ A r c
12/16/2014Green hugs imjustsayin barbara fog
12/14/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/14/2014Big hug! ~ Simple27 : )
12/7/2014For your thoughts on SH. ~Tell Me Lies
12/6/2014Big hug for you! ~ Simple27 : )
12/6/2014Christmas hug to you! ChiaPet
12/6/2014Hugs - whiteangel
12/4/2014Green Hugs :) AKO
11/23/2014So nice having you around-shad
11/15/2014Weekend love from ~T~ xxx
11/11/2014Peace- Nerd
11/6/2014T~ love xxx
11/3/2014Jazzy green hugs
10/30/2014Big hug for you, love from -T- xxx
10/27/2014Hugs!! ~ Simple27 : )
10/23/2014Big green FOG hug to you, EW, ChiaPet
10/23/20141 fog family green. imjustsayin. barb
10/23/2014Green for my sistah, love from ~T~ xxx
10/22/2014Fog karma EW, IsisOne
10/22/2014Love Love Love Your Avatar!! Much Love! Trink
10/22/2014To build up your new account - WA
10/22/2014Greetings ~ A r c
10/22/2014Welcome back EW
10/22/2014Peace SIs- Nerd

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