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BiblioPhile's Karma

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6/29/2021Delta 8 green 1-2-Follow
3/23/2021Green from Goneviral
7/24/2019St Louis!!!! - Blag Dahlia
3/27/2019Much gratitude green, lovey....love-love, cosmicgypsy
2/6/2019Thanks for the embed and research
1/22/2019Trump traveler thread THANKS!! bobobibi
1/17/2019John Hiatt fan, Billy Ringo
12/18/2018Thanks for posting link to wall funding page - BirdMom
11/14/2018Thx for the bacon candy recipe!
10/12/2018For your comments on "seeing Messiah". Shalom!~Fluffy Pancakes
10/3/2018Sending protective vibes out to you and your family
3/13/2018Green for help on cleanse thread
2/14/2018Thanks for inquiry - Salty Wahine
12/3/2017Happy Sunday from Cat in Hat.
7/14/2017<3 Only Me
6/8/2017Bump for later viewing....fuckoff
5/12/2017Thanks exactly what I was looking for
3/25/2017Person445 - Happy Spring 2017 from Russell in Vancouver, Canada. :)
1/30/2017Happy Monday! ~Buttah
12/20/2016Grinchy green karma from Who is Blue Fairy
11/25/2016Happy Thanksgiving! Who is Blue Fairy
11/18/2016For quoting Kipling <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Vision Thing
11/12/2016Have a gr8 weekend, saturday green from Crazy Kat :~)
11/1/2016Returning the green, have a gr8 week :~) Crazy Cat
10/30/2016Happy Reformation Day! - [email protected]
10/16/2016Sunday green, from Crazy Cat :~)
10/1/2016Karma roll, from Crazy Cat :~)
9/26/2016God Bless You! HolySpiritWind
9/22/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/22/2016Awesome username. Plus to counter-balance the double red karma.
9/22/2016For posting a thread about red karma! get shrekt.
9/22/2016Green from Tess.
9/22/2016To offset the red
9/22/2016Here, have some more, just for old time's sake :)
9/22/2016Take this to the Complaint Department !!
9/20/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/14/2016Comments on Longevity thread>>>MarPep
9/13/2016God Bless You! HolySpiritWind
9/2/2016God Bless You HolySpiritWind
8/21/2016God Bless You!- HolySpiritWind
5/3/2016Green for my friend- holyspiriwind
4/18/2016Green bessings! holyspiritwind
3/11/2016Jesus loves you and so do I holyspiritwind
3/10/2016Grace :) - [email protected]
2/22/2016Preaching truth in the Honest questions thread - [email protected]
1/21/2016Awsome reply! Holyspiritwind
1/17/2016Your dissertation was fair, and AMAZING. hannah
1/17/2016Betrayal of Women post --- it's all about divide and conquer
12/10/2015God bless you abundantly! Much love, Wishin'
11/19/2015Great post on the Trump thread! ~Buttah
11/6/2015Nice post from In the GLP Hood
9/19/2015Great post bud
9/19/2015Excellent, smart, and well thought out response:) JanJan
7/31/2015Exceptional link - thank you for the input. . .maybe some have the heart to investigate for themselves
6/1/2015You have GOT to be kidding about obama not being a failure
6/1/2015Your kid got sick cuz you can't cook an egg, fag.
2/9/2015He bumped an important thread

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