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Alobe's Karma

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11/2/2015RED from Putin himself
11/2/2015Typical euro idjit
11/2/2015For telling truth.
11/2/2015Red from one of many Kremlin shills who infest this website.
11/2/2015To offset the Putinbot red you're about to get - hindsight2020
10/31/2015KipKat :)
10/31/2015It is a junta in Kiev you imbecile
10/31/2015Excellent catch on the NOTAM! - Elvii
10/23/2015For re-pinning #Patricia thread
10/23/2015Thank you. :o)
10/15/2015Karma upgrade. Zod!
10/15/2015News links
10/11/2015Storngman shelford green exchange
9/24/2015Hoi! KipKat :)
9/18/2015Fucking jerk off
9/18/2015Thalys thread. Cow A.
9/11/2015Using Akbar instead of Rebar - - EXCELLENT! from Eggcellent
9/3/2015Reported Abusive Post
8/23/2015Yeah ow crap
8/23/2015Reported Abusive Post
8/21/2015Strongman's Green Karma Exhange Global Buddies Alliance . u got da green thanks
8/20/2015Greenie for you-higgs bozo
8/12/2015Thanks and here is green back. Zod!
8/12/2015Thanks for the knowledge about Tinajin // Narcissistic
8/9/2015Reported Abusive Post
8/8/2015Poor Megyn, asked a few critical questions and now everybody hates her.
8/3/2015Crazy crane vid!! -flameW
8/3/2015Shockjock likes crane video
7/29/2015Hey there a little green to brighten your day-higgs bozo
7/24/2015Beetle :)
7/20/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
7/20/2015Back at ya- higgs bozo
7/20/2015Have a great week! ~ ItsMaKa2
7/20/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
7/14/2015Cruise ship. HAR. pool
7/10/2015Thanks for all your updates in the Ebola thread JPOP
7/7/2015Peace! Greek thread!H1
7/6/2015Good Greek Analysis. Strongman Shelford
7/6/2015More power! ~thetoolman
7/6/2015Back at you
7/5/2015OXI recollector - thanks
7/5/2015Reported Abusive Post
7/2/2015That view of another angle had me cracking me up. Thanks for the laugh
7/2/2015A much better angle too. Naggers in HD.
7/2/2015Reported Abusive Post
6/26/2015Friday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
6/26/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
6/20/2015Reported Abusive Post
6/19/2015Green for angry - thetoolman
6/17/2015Brief :)
6/16/2015For the paywall info-kira
6/15/2015Reported Abusive Post
6/14/2015Please keep us updated on foreign issues
6/12/2015Good pick up Lybia..THE INQ
6/12/2015Reported Abusive Post
6/10/2015Gays are not better educated
6/9/2015For your comment on the "Teen Speaks Out" thread. Thank you for your input... Zuzu
6/7/2015Nice charts, thanks JPOP
6/7/2015MERS Charts
6/7/2015For MERS posts on Ebola thread - Epona
6/7/2015Reported Abusive Post
6/4/2015Wake the fuck up. the US IS arming ISIS
6/3/2015Reported Abusive Post
6/2/2015Reported Abusive Post
5/30/2015Thanks for the negative Karma for nothing. Figured I'd return the favor.
5/30/2015Reported Abusive Post
5/30/2015Reported Abusive Post
5/30/2015Don't be annoying
5/23/2015Shill baby shill!
5/22/2015Good post and have a great weekend! Sloane
5/22/2015Reported Abusive Post
5/22/2015Thank you Alobe...ZDB
5/18/2015Good find, w the ISIS/US GI gear. -Blueridgedoom
4/23/2015Reported Abusive Post
4/16/2015Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
4/16/2015LoveLightEnergy~*** ctruth333
4/16/2015Christians are stupid.
4/12/2015Lionels Love
4/12/2015For Germanwings thread.
4/12/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/7/2015Ebola thread green - Epona
4/5/2015You are right. water
4/2/2015Reported Abusive Post
4/2/2015Reported Abusive Post
4/1/2015Reported Abusive Post
3/23/2015Ebola thread green! H1
3/11/2015For pinning the Farage thread -Blueridge
3/7/2015Solar Guardian here. May I have a green karma point? :)
3/1/2015Ebola Green - Epona
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