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Gabriel~'s Karma

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9/14/2018Good post, White Wolf
9/11/2018Get on your knees and eat my ass. Eat every bit of it. No frowning, pis boy.
9/10/2018Beautifully said!! <3 <3 -PSZ :)
9/10/2018That statement was excellent. Good food for thought. God BLESS you
9/6/2018MJ thread
9/1/2018Satan rules with fear; God rules with love. So true !!
8/30/2018If you see evil and do nothing you are a partaker.
8/30/2018No, you fuck. The US accomplished the landing and so much more than your willing to admit. Work your problem sir. It's clear your jacked in the head.
8/30/2018I love my guns...you damn tagget!
8/27/2018Low IQ Baboon
8/27/2018Hey faggot, if you want dick pics just lift your mom's skirt.
8/26/2018Gnostic fool.
8/26/2018Good post..Ozric
8/17/2018Patriotism is loving ones own country if you don't get the fuck out ... you globalist NWO leftist piece of fuck filth
8/17/2018Bibletards gonna tard!
8/17/2018Look at that red build up!
8/17/2018100% correct about Zakk, tell it like it is -Shiva ascendant
8/5/2018You are a fucking retard. Change my mind.
8/5/2018Voice of reason my friend. it's important. Especially right now.
8/5/2018Negative Creep
8/5/2018Your asshole is a pussy and it's YUUUUUGE!! You fuckin snowflake.
8/5/2018People who whine about people who leave karma without leaving their names are snowflake pussies LMAO.
8/5/2018Confirmation bias the other way, just as dumb
7/23/201816 is for pervs and pedos like those who order pizza. You like pizza?
5/24/2015Go to bed
4/16/2015God Loves... So do I. ~Beyond Perceptions~
2/4/2015The entire plot revolves around finding the baby's bellybutton - Thats why i have no confidence in anything you say. Please stop posting nonsense, asshole. You're gay too. Gay asshole.
2/3/2015Curiositykills, or not, in this case I like where you come from
12/27/2014Hope you had a merry christmas - Phi
12/16/2014Good on you !
11/30/2014Welcome my friend - Phi (UVVU)
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