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Hawthy's Karma

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6/20/2019Thanks for sharing your story -auntiebeads
6/20/2019For surviving "gender" indoctrination and winning oniongrass
7/28/2018Say it like it is. Thanks for your opinion on the bans.
6/9/2017Here is a Colony !!
1/29/2017Absolutely right.
1/29/2017Arrogant smart-ass
12/11/2016Yeah you all have super jobs... sure :D
12/11/2016That tattoo
12/11/2016Neck tattoo.
7/11/2015Elvis stfu seriously annoying
5/24/2015A tip for you
5/23/2015Fuck you rape is rape, if it's nature we'll rewrite it you sob
4/9/2015Incredibly ignorant
4/8/2015"This isn't the 'if you're not doing anything wrong'..." Why yes....yes it was.
4/8/2015Thoughtful post on digital monitoring -mugatu
2/18/2015Opinion on that assaulting biatch - joe mamma
2/17/2015Wishing you well - WOLF
1/25/2015Mountian Woman doesn't know what satire is =) KimmieAnnaJones
1/25/2015MW up to her trickery again - IS Rep
1/25/2015Bibe da pusi boss, eat my children, eat my children. Gallons of mayo awaiting to be smeared upon my bum. I can't stop loving how condiments feel on my naked bare body....I'm Batman.

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