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Mudda Fugga's Karma

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2/6/2015Thank you for your kind words ~BlackIrish
2/6/2015Your posts are funny! keep it up!! :)
2/5/2015Reported Abusive Post
2/5/2015Thanks, Mudda! Keep cutting through like you are crazy diamondxxxooodawa
2/4/2015Uncalled for rudeness and disrespect
2/4/2015Farscapetard -Faf
2/4/2015I'll fucking kick ur head off
2/2/2015Honey Badger "seal" of approval! <3
2/2/2015Come to Mama! Citadel
2/2/2015Big wave hello from Vala :-)
2/2/2015Your an irritable fucker
2/2/2015Thank you! MW
2/1/2015At first I thought you was calling me a mudda fugga, then I realized that was a user name. kool beans bro
2/1/2015Your weird spelling of certain words is annoying as fuck and precludes me from actually reading any of your posts
2/1/2015I appreciate your comments! Green back atcha - Tesla
1/31/2015Take some greenz -Blueridge
1/31/2015You are groot ?! ~ A r c
1/30/2015LoveLightEnergy~*** ctruth333
1/30/2015FUGG YEAH! Thanks! - Strawberrymittens
1/28/2015Thanks for green! :) digital mix guy
1/28/2015I want to hate you, but I can't. The stupid shit you say jus makes me smile everytime : ] <FuzzleFace>
1/28/2015Earthquake GREEN for you. -Freckle Face
1/28/2015One of the funniest posters around. ~NorM
1/27/2015Mudda fugga spreadin troof
1/27/2015LOLZ ~ Beetle :)
1/26/2015Peace, man! -PsychoticSanity
1/26/2015Right back atcha :) ~TML
1/25/2015Gimme a hug! ...wai
1/25/2015A red hijab for you! <3
1/25/2015I dig the name....MUKK
1/24/2015Dace wuz hear =-)
1/22/20157.62x54R -Salty
1/20/2015Give Him a Chance - Inquisidor
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