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 <Pontifus Maximus> USA146 months, 25 days ago124 months, 8 days ago1,008
 * * United Kingdom174 months, 10 days ago125 months, 12 days ago10,695
 **** United Kingdom127 months, 16 days ago22 months, 12 days ago23,046
 2care USA129 months, 27 days ago129 months, 27 days ago0
 5thElement USA150 months, 12 days ago114 months, 10 days ago100
 69O69ENKI69O69 69O69NINE69O69 USA131 months, 7 days ago128 months, 28 days ago1,576
82ndAirborneSniper's Avatar82ndAirborneSniper USA135 months, 14 days ago2 days ago1,343
A Muse's AvatarA Muse USA82 months, 15 days ago76 months, 18 days ago2,408
 A.R.T. Starfleet96 months, 11 days ago29 months, 13 days ago2,123
 AlphaQ USA179 months, 27 days ago136 months, 3 days ago260
 AniMeyhem! USA179 months, 2 days ago173 months, 17 days ago551
 Askakido USA190 months, 19 days ago176 months, 6 days ago1,403
 Atheist United Kingdom142 months, 18 days ago125 months, 19 days ago10,648
 Atlas Shrugged USA167 months, 6 days ago37 months, 20 days ago3
 AtomicAir Six USA165 months, 26 days ago158 months, 26 days ago3,544
 Babsi Egypt130 months, 12 days ago123 months, 8 days ago2,251
 Barely Suppressed Rage USA90 months, 1 days ago11 months, 24 days ago91
Base12's AvatarBase12 USA84 months, 14 days agoToday4,809
 Beingsouthern USA181 months, 27 days ago126 months, 0 days ago9,741
 Brand Nubiss Starfleet173 months, 2 days ago125 months, 27 days ago689
 Bullfrog USA156 months, 27 days ago7 months, 17 days ago12,267
 Campbell Randt Not specified181 months, 23 days ago157 months, 24 days ago3,012
 ChasVoice USA116 months, 7 days ago99 months, 5 days ago23
 chiptruth USA190 months, 19 days ago176 months, 8 days ago4,107
 Cool Music Guy USA128 months, 24 days ago124 months, 27 days ago637
 Coolhandluke74 USA159 months, 23 days ago126 months, 2 days ago22,217
 DaJavoo USA187 months, 7 days ago126 months, 0 days ago33,858
 Dana Scully United Kingdom134 months, 9 days ago120 months, 7 days ago1,133
 DanfromtheHills USA146 months, 3 days ago125 months, 28 days ago10,733
 DDomino Canada136 months, 15 days ago131 months, 19 days ago22
Debauchery's AvatarDebauchery USA126 months, 10 days ago39 months, 18 days ago19,162
 devorahg USA159 months, 14 days ago110 months, 22 days ago3,424
DGN's AvatarDGN USA156 months, 17 days agoToday63,085
 Domino Canada148 months, 15 days ago85 months, 21 days ago313
Dr. Acula's AvatarDr. AculaModerator Starfleet120 months, 7 days agoUnknown22,715
 Dr. House USA170 months, 21 days ago118 months, 0 days ago8,395
 DrPostman USA207 months, 22 days ago125 months, 14 days ago47,080
 DSP USA143 months, 22 days ago141 months, 22 days ago1,090
Elijah's AvatarElijah USA190 months, 26 days ago91 months, 11 days ago7,012
 Enigma Afghanistan189 months, 18 days ago108 months, 0 days ago5,887
eV3y's AvatareV3y USA108 months, 26 days ago9 months, 13 days ago4,430
 Evil Twin USA184 months, 10 days agoUnknown41,206
 falldown USA154 months, 10 days ago145 months, 11 days ago13,426
Fantasia II's AvatarFantasia II USA181 months, 5 days ago1 day ago10,115
 Fescado USA208 months, 2 days ago108 months, 16 days ago8,050
 Frigg Stuyvesant USA162 months, 21 days ago126 months, 0 days ago9,995
 GhostHunter Canada185 months, 7 days ago172 months, 13 days ago6,011
 Goodbye2You USA127 months, 6 days ago119 months, 25 days ago2,009
Halcyon Dayz, FCD's AvatarHalcyon Dayz, FCD Netherlands194 months, 26 days agoToday15,724
 Hallow Ed USA163 months, 29 days ago158 months, 16 days ago5,617
 HARDPLANET USA145 months, 25 days ago142 months, 24 days ago292
 HeidiLore USA184 months, 18 days ago172 months, 13 days ago10,398
 I Want To Know It All USA138 months, 12 days ago126 months, 5 days ago2,469
ID2268's AvatarID2268 United Kingdom186 months, 29 days ago2 months, 4 days ago1,294
 II-Neutron Canada155 months, 27 days ago137 months, 3 days ago4,245
 Ishtahota USA185 months, 4 days ago176 months, 8 days ago1,269
Isis7's AvatarIsis7 USA145 months, 25 days ago78 months, 11 days ago12,223
 Joe Six Pack USA153 months, 23 days ago130 months, 21 days ago10,380
 Kaosofik Gnostik USA145 months, 22 days ago128 months, 24 days ago6,807
 KingDavid USA145 months, 14 days ago119 months, 12 days ago208
 LonghairKing USA117 months, 12 days ago99 months, 2 days ago776
LOU512's AvatarLOU512 USA124 months, 14 days ago83 months, 3 days ago2,035
 Maple1337 USA138 months, 19 days ago24 months, 25 days ago903
Mr. Predictor's AvatarMr. PredictorModerator USA180 months, 4 days agoUnknown51,904
 nanuke USA199 months, 6 days ago126 months, 0 days ago5,500
 natasha25 Canada172 months, 2 days ago153 months, 16 days ago136
 NaughtyEarthling Australia148 months, 18 days ago129 months, 5 days ago2,810
 Normal Is Subjective Canada175 months, 23 days ago144 months, 11 days ago6,092
 Oliver United Arab Emirates179 months, 5 days ago179 months, 5 days ago3
 Opener of the Way Reunion165 months, 29 days ago126 months, 3 days ago2,612
 Ozark USA129 months, 16 days ago98 months, 1 days ago1,191
PalmOfDeborah's AvatarPalmOfDeborah Not specified135 months, 12 days ago85 months, 8 days ago2,053
 PlanBSurvival USA117 months, 26 days ago55 months, 27 days ago481
 Planet Dweller Canada141 months, 20 days ago128 months, 28 days ago430
Pollyannuh's AvatarPollyannuh USA202 months, 4 days ago110 months, 2 days ago21,473
 Promethean Knight USA175 months, 0 days ago141 months, 18 days ago1,308
 S'gan-Levi Israel137 months, 11 days ago119 months, 23 days ago5,787
 scum_bag USA185 months, 4 days ago178 months, 29 days ago2,337
SHR's AvatarSHRModerator USA189 months, 12 days agoUnknown46,650
 Skeptic USA179 months, 20 days ago139 months, 2 days ago318
 Skeptical Believer USA162 months, 6 days ago147 months, 17 days ago1,437
SPUD's AvatarSPUD Starfleet159 months, 0 days agoUnknown5,710
SunDawnn's AvatarSunDawnn USA168 months, 18 days ago2 days ago2,351
 The Cherished One USA189 months, 23 days ago18 months, 16 days ago4,868
 The Jurist Germany150 months, 20 days ago144 months, 19 days ago13,257
 theresident Canada186 months, 16 days ago135 months, 6 days ago4,285
 TOTAL1TY USA138 months, 23 days ago1 months, 24 days ago302
 Trench Western Sahara (Morocco)181 months, 16 days ago126 months, 2 days ago9,550
TXGal4Truth's AvatarTXGal4Truth USA144 months, 24 days ago1 day ago46,416
 Uriel USA150 months, 17 days ago124 months, 21 days ago2,329
XFBD's AvatarXFBD Canada156 months, 2 days ago1 months, 9 days ago888
 xham-sammichx USA150 months, 19 days ago128 months, 19 days ago8,141
 zacksavage USA218 months, 8 days ago55 months, 20 days ago26,605
~Andariel~'s Avatar~Andariel~ Canada128 months, 18 days ago61 months, 19 days ago4,016