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Duncan the destroyer's Karma

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3/26/2020Love this insane song.
2/16/2020Judas Priest Rocks!! Paranoiaaaaa
1/21/2020Back atcha coward POS!
1/18/2020Reported Abusive Post
1/16/2020Reported Abusive Post
1/12/2020Happy weekend! <3 Only Me
12/8/2019Thank you for responses. Getting right with the Lord. Truly a DARK period in time. -AS
12/8/2019God will fix their wagons its just going hurt alot..bc
12/8/2019Sluts=males and females. Males for being liars, and fathers for not educating their daughters.
12/5/2019Full retard and she is all in! ~Cheops
11/2/2019Chasity !
7/7/2019For being a tard on the weed thread
7/4/2019My fat wife-jinntintin
7/4/2019Happy 4th!! Rock on! Paranoiaaaaa
7/3/2019Green for the slam to the anti trump nutcase, but Trump voters drive, and like Toyotas too.
6/28/2019Good one
6/17/2019"No shots fired,solid bust"
5/27/2019Thank you, White Wolf
4/7/2019Green for you dean007
3/31/2019Hi from nutmeg!
11/19/2018Iron maiden
10/30/2018Loved the Spinal Tap video in the Economist Thread. So funny! I forgot about that clip. Repo Man also. Thanks for posting! - Cranky Fairy
10/16/2018Doom porn, lol. ~ Ghost
8/15/2018You are correct!
8/6/2018StUpiD HuRTs , fuck you
7/19/2018Dinner bell for dumbasses is a excellent analogy!
7/8/2018Enjoy the red karma
6/17/2018Green just because you're right!
4/13/2018Stop spamming videos
2/10/2018Thoughts and prayers brother, hold fast my friend through the grief. -Rorschach
2/10/2018Sorry for the loss of your friend. Alpacalips
1/24/2018Good commen sense dean007
1/17/2018The left should be shunned. Agreed!
1/14/2018Beeches sounds like a nice home-cooked meal!
1/14/2018From 5.0% Thats what you call a Dinner Nice
1/6/2018Isnt his kid retard
1/2/2018Thank you
12/28/2017It's both BIG BOY!
12/11/2017Expose all shills
12/10/2017Thanks for your comments on my crypto thread!~ Chugiakian
12/8/2017He'll be there to greet you, your dog
12/3/2017Fn a football - Too Funny! Thanks for the laugh! - Morpheus
10/27/2017Bain it
9/15/2017No its not girls too men cant even talk about this women dont suicide
7/23/2017So right about life being a spiritual journey. -Haun-
7/9/2017Green Day joke
6/6/2017You're cool too. pool
6/4/2017Green from Sassy Granny
5/29/2017Trump!!! Deeznutz!
5/21/2017From 0
4/5/2017Blind to the truth. YOU GOT DUPED.
3/26/2017Thanks for helping with the Trump Huntington Beach fight video. ~~~ Raye
3/23/2017Hehe! - Chaos Replicator.
3/19/2017For the Homeless Man Makeover thread ! From Tiger1.
3/19/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
2/25/2017From Beer :D
2/25/2017Todays dick award goes to you my friend. - Ditto
2/25/2017Todays dick awrd goes to you my friend. Sorry
2/19/2017Pointless comment/joke on a serious topic "Do you play a lot of video games?"
12/25/2016Person445 - Merry Christmas!
10/25/2016Ovaltine! lol - [email protected]
10/9/2016Grabbin coke by the pussy. ~sikhed
9/16/2016Be sure to drink your ovaltine. lol. good one.
8/18/2016You're hilarious! katballoo
8/9/2016Good advice brother, God bless, savcash
8/8/2016"Makes me wonder how much Bullshit we swallowed..." great comment! <3 morgan
8/1/2016Bahaha...Ava the Scott tranny :) Loewin
7/24/2016Re: Black Man tells it like it is ... Like a Boss --- please return the favor - quantumlove
7/19/2016Too vulgar
7/14/2016"It's advertising for the new generic Cialis." lolol ....nutmeg...
7/5/2016Yes, I believe so. her voice is demonic.
7/2/2016For asking the good questions, cheers!
6/15/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
6/8/2016Stuff from Pooch
6/6/2016Krokus- the was my thinkin
6/2/2016FukyeahDuncan - Have some GREEN KARMA!
6/1/2016Steel Panther green-InfiniteDream
5/13/2016Keep telling yourself that and 30 years from now try answering it again
5/7/2016Give a nerd a wedgie for me - Michael Deschain
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