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Slartybartfast's Karma

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2/14/2021Conservatives don't riot, Democrats don't tell the truth, BOOM! Dollar Bill Wick
11/14/2019Green your way for truth!
10/31/2019For your rant on the 'Strongman' thread. Well said. ~sikhed
10/31/2019Good post on Utopians ~thinking...
9/14/2019The Rebel Yell....ThirstyMarlin​
9/6/2019Good reply. Jesus never said to kill your family.
8/24/2019For Bill Nighy. Nice man. Ayr ;)
7/26/2019Best damn gif on board. pool
7/25/2019Classical music prowess <3bfree
1/23/2019Warning this poster is a globalist
9/4/2018Thank you for your work!
8/27/2018Kewlness on the name/avatar. 42! -Poster
8/18/2017How kind! - The Comedian
7/2/2017Green for making since is the "DC is a cesspool" thread. Huck Fillary.
5/20/2017Useful insight
5/20/2017"..., but to those who stop and listen, She makes herself quite evident." what a wonderful explanation. thank you! :-) morgan
11/11/2016I hope you can take some ribbing. :) strgzr P.S. you are now on my buddy list. :)
9/24/2016A Doug Adams fan, maybe? --Baltimoran
3/24/2016Debauchery karma. :-)
10/12/2015BRAVO ON THE STUDENT RANT!!! pool
9/19/2015Trump tard
7/24/2015Get out your Roy Rogers decoder ring and go FUCK YOURSELF, N00B!
7/16/2015Mountainman15 was here
6/2/2015Sage words my friend

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