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El Penguino's Karma

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10/17/20185x Champs Let's Go Pens Fuck The Flyers 76 last cup ever faggots fuck Philadelphia
10/11/2018Hey El Cockholster.... have to seen your mother lately? #bowleggedmonster
7/23/2018Starbird green
4/14/2018From 5.0%
1/17/2018Karma roLL .C.C
1/10/2018Random Green from Onadraw
10/7/20172012 symbolism. Yep! ~Shadilay Stargazer
10/7/2017Ghetto hoe
10/5/2017Reported Abusive Post
9/27/2017You liked that one eh lol dean007
9/23/2017Green as a Gooseberry (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
9/15/2017When you're green, you're still growing (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
9/15/2017Lol. I'm crazy tonight ;-) ~ Debauchery
9/7/2017In ancient Greece, green symbolized victory (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
9/3/2017Kim fell down - glp-smiles
8/31/2017Q: What's green and hangs from trees? A: Giraffe snot (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
8/26/2017Hallo P! :D calx
8/24/2017I'm letting the Greenie in the bottle out (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
8/18/2017Good to see you, friend. :-) ~ Debauchery
8/17/2017This week's theme song is Greensleeves (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
8/14/2017Dace wuzz heare
8/10/2017You look good in green (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
8/3/2017Karma roLL .C.C
7/31/2017Green Is The New Black (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
7/24/2017Mr. Green Jeans strikes again (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
7/11/2017Official member of the green team! (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
7/4/2017Don't forget to eat your greens! (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
6/26/2017If it turns GREEN see a doctor (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
5/30/2017It doesn't get any greener than this (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
5/23/2017It's time to stop and smell the green (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
5/15/2017Have Some GREEN, Jelly Bean! (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
5/8/2017Just because (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
5/5/2017We don't need no stinking badges. Last one
5/2/2017For being a nice person - Starbird
5/1/2017TAG - You're it! (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
4/24/2017The GREEN M&M's are the best (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
4/17/2017There was something GREEN in your Easter Basket, but it wasn't an egg (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
4/10/2017I found some GREEN on my shoe. Is it yours? (from your ol' pal BEAST333)
4/8/2017Hallo Penguin! :D calx
4/3/2017Glad you liked! Return GREEN (from your new ol' pal BEAST333)
3/30/2017Karma roLL .C.C
3/29/2017Brief :)
3/19/2017Thx for the green...Headley Lamar
3/11/2017Lol good to see you man! :D calx
3/10/2017Steals a sweetroll and leaves some Green* - SB ;)
3/6/2017Thanks for commenting on my Kansas wind/semi thread! TrustNoOneKS
3/4/2017Homeless persons trash can comment LOL - Av19
2/5/2017AV19 was here
2/5/2017Karma roLL .C.C
11/21/2016Devils are better
11/18/2016Hallo! :D calx
11/5/2016Sid the kid FTW Cheers, -w_nb Go Leafs Go! ;-`)
11/3/2016Yes it has. Good to see you! ~ Debauchery
9/19/2016Lets go Pens
9/17/2016Karma roLL .C.C
9/13/2016Hope you land your dream job - synchro
9/6/2016Karma roLL .C.C
8/29/2016Pens fan
8/29/2016Thanks for the green. ;) FSB
8/27/2016Thanks for thumbs up. I needed that. SoulWinner
8/15/2016Hey Bro!--Best wishes to you and fam--Bodiless
8/7/2016Sunday Green!--Bodiless
7/11/2016Karma roLL .C.C
6/26/2016Karma roLL .C.C
6/25/2016Just because you like the Penguins-Aquagrass
6/25/2016You deserve some green!
6/13/2016Lord Stanley Lord Stanley, brring me the brandy!---UTownReturn​s
6/12/2016Hockey birds are awesome ~ Starbird
4/25/2016Bodiless <3
4/22/2016Green only because I hope the penguins defeat the shitty Rangers tomorrow night, otherwise, fuck off!
4/14/2016Jesus loves you and so do I ! holyspiritwind
4/13/2016SHHHHHH ---- NJ transit authority - return the favor please :) Thanks buddy
4/11/2016Good to see you again. :-) ~ Debauchery
4/1/2016Thanks for the green NT
3/30/2016Karma Hug! ~ Simple27 : )
3/22/2016Muzz gonna muzz, time to end this shit---UTownReturns
3/21/2016Dig the Candyman! Loewin :)
3/13/2016LOL dindu snackbar - eekers
3/13/2016Karma roLL .C.C
2/28/2016Thanks for the support last night
2/22/2016Dace wuz heer =-)
2/15/2016Yea VA, grew up in wexford though, North Allegheny.
2/14/2016Haha I try to! :) AnonymousGirl
2/6/2016Weekly green from UTownReturns
1/25/2016Awesome, gotta give green to any Pittsburgh dads. Nerve03
1/6/2016Thanks for the green and your kind words, Military men thread----Terrebonne
1/3/2016Lets go Pens!---UTownReturns
1/2/2016I seem to be popular with the haters. Bradd Pit Stain
1/2/2016Hahaha penguins are garbage this season! devils beating them even though we are in a rebuild!!! fail
12/31/2015Congrats on the new addition!! Hope is everyone is well, and what a Christmas present!! Happy New Year!!--Bodiless
12/13/2015Karma roLL .C.C
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