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Winnson's Karma

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10/28/2016Trump Bump!!!
5/18/2016Excellent comment on LGBT thread.~ Dixie63
5/2/2016Sick photo post
4/15/2016You are welcome. HAWK02
3/22/2016Screencaps from brussels video
3/22/2016Very judgemental of you.
3/13/2016Good points about trump. i like your wording. lionhound
2/29/2016Talk shit get hit!! :D :D Hedy
2/25/2016Love Iset :)
2/22/2016Genius Level 35 - The Comedian
2/21/2016Thank you for the bump~TMNL
2/21/2016For the Trump video! from Ralph--a house dog
2/21/2016Ahh trump montage! briliant :) ~MissAnthropy
2/21/2016For your comment: Crowd Rejoices as Invader Center Burns Well said MySaul
2/21/2016Green for you! JimBomB
2/7/2016Coffee :)
1/28/2016Greenade for your Trump commentary!...saved all aboard!
1/28/2016I like the things you have to say ~ A Friend
1/28/2016Fire Watch~
1/12/2016Laughed hard.
12/23/2015Thanks for the post
12/21/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/10/2015Atheist - evil person
12/7/2015Congratulations on your giant cock.
12/6/2015Green for *eternally grateful* Me too :) Sloane
11/16/2015My feeling too. anom cow
11/16/2015Just shut up and let floridians live the way they want.
10/25/2015Green for the guy who understand fighting for points is utterly different than fighting for your life. 5-star bandit
10/24/2015Thanks for sharing and glad it inpired you! Godbless :) -Seraph72
10/16/2015Fuck hillary...petitroche
9/22/2015Thanks for your input, serena
9/20/2015"It's every man for himself!" lol! ....nutmeg....
9/15/2015Trust no one
8/29/2015First green for believing. InterMezzo

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