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12/30/2015Satan's play toy
12/23/2015Here is another red for you for being such a dumbass
12/21/2015The x = 666 =antichrist repent
12/20/2015What an idiot. Give it up and trash your PC, please. Gullible tool!
12/19/2015We are saved by grace, through faith, which is dead, without works. A bad tree does not bear bad fruit. - Toonz
12/13/2015It's June 1st not the 4th
12/13/2015Forced sunday observance will be the mark of the beast
9/24/2015No doom
9/24/2015As of 5 am Pdt 9/24/15 There is no Place Left on Earth That it is Still September 23rd. All of You Who Made Such a Big Deal Out of it Were Wrong!
9/24/2015Having problems with your karma? Let me help out.
8/17/2015You broke my scroll wheel.
8/16/2015Then GTFO if ya hate it so much liberal fag! I'll buy your GODDAMNED ticket!!!!
8/14/2015Hi Gregory I almost forgot
8/13/2015Tsk tsk
8/11/2015My eyes my eyes!!! stop the bold print and caps....
8/1/2015You are pathetic. A liar. A deceiver! You have been served from the karma cafe. Eat Up.
7/30/2015You are a pathetic idiot!
7/27/2015Your an ass but you know it so no big deal.
7/18/2015Hi friend!- Lisa*Lisa
7/18/2015God bless! SoulWinner
7/12/2015Nice post ! <><
7/11/2015God damned America - Keats

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