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A R K's AvatarA R K Germany80 months, 16 days ago11 days ago8,286
Adjudicator's AvatarAdjudicator Vatican City25 months, 4 days agoToday7,796
Alex75's AvatarAlex75 USA62 months, 27 days agoToday2,780
All My Hemispheres's AvatarAll My Hemispheres USA25 months, 16 days ago1 months, 6 days ago410
Arkansassy's AvatarArkansassy USA101 months, 1 days ago1 day ago4,042
 BabbaGanesh Other87 months, 9 days ago32 months, 13 days ago1
 Beavis Nicaragua11 months, 9 days ago10 months, 29 days ago39
Bee Free's AvatarBee Free USA109 months, 22 days ago8 days ago6,272
 Best_website USA27 months, 19 days ago27 months, 18 days ago0
 BlackThorn USA34 months, 7 days ago33 months, 24 days ago472
 Blonde Mom USA146 months, 3 days ago1 day ago974
 BlueWolfeyes USA66 months, 15 days ago2 days ago392
Born Naked Die Naked's AvatarBorn Naked Die Naked USA33 months, 29 days ago4 days ago0
 Cervantes USA34 months, 26 days ago5 days ago29
CetrifiedMoran's AvatarCetrifiedMoran Bulgaria167 months, 11 days ago1 day ago6,252
Cleolotus's AvatarCleolotus New Zealand147 months, 1 days ago5 months, 29 days ago2,466
Coloradical's AvatarColoradical USA37 months, 24 days agoToday1,084
CopyNinja87's AvatarCopyNinja87 USA91 months, 15 days agoToday5,787
CUB4DK's AvatarCUB4DK Canada60 months, 24 days ago11 days ago21,204
curry nosher's Avatarcurry nosher United Kingdom120 months, 21 days ago19 days ago16,926
 EARTH IS A PRISON/FARM PLANET USA27 months, 1 days ago21 months, 18 days ago1,432
 GarryGay United Kingdom15 months, 14 days ago15 months, 14 days ago0
GLP Angel's AvatarGLP Angel USA153 months, 21 days ago6 days ago2,183
Half Past Midnight's AvatarHalf Past Midnight Starfleet143 months, 1 days ago4 months, 6 days ago19,346
hasan's Avatarhasan USA78 months, 2 days agoToday312
 He Is Risen Indeed2 USA24 months, 22 days ago10 months, 5 days ago115
 HostileWabbit USA81 months, 29 days ago47 months, 26 days ago775
 Hunidew USA57 months, 19 days ago1 day ago135
 Huntley USA27 months, 15 days ago1 day ago1,043
 hwy_ho1 Canada128 months, 23 days ago1 day ago5,410
I Love Panda Bears's AvatarI Love Panda Bears USA109 months, 28 days ago1 day ago6,431
In5Dgregg's AvatarIn5Dgregg USA6 months, 20 days ago5 days ago337
Itcouldbeaname's AvatarItcouldbeaname USA118 months, 28 days ago1 months, 1 days ago1,458
 Jenia Israel15 months, 16 days ago1 day ago251
just a dude's Avatarjust a dude USA159 months, 29 days ago4 months, 2 days ago5,536
JustSomeGuy_42's AvatarJustSomeGuy_42 Panama151 months, 11 days ago1 day ago16,556
Leyline Walker's AvatarLeyline Walker Canada78 months, 19 days ago1 day ago1,906
LilMiss's AvatarLilMiss USA85 months, 0 days ago33 months, 24 days ago14,242
 Lishtah Belarus113 months, 0 days ago25 months, 11 days ago51
LTHN.'s AvatarLTHN. Canada113 months, 10 days ago1 day ago29,417
MagnetoFunk's AvatarMagnetoFunk Canada127 months, 24 days ago30 days ago460
 Mes'Sage USA22 months, 26 days ago21 months, 22 days ago398
Mick8675's AvatarMick8675 USA35 months, 6 days agoToday26
Miri2019's AvatarMiri2019 USA27 months, 13 days ago1 day ago3,301
Mr Zipface's AvatarMr Zipface Argentina79 months, 21 days agoToday697
nautonier's Avatarnautonier USA39 months, 24 days ago2 months, 21 days ago1,106
 Neuromute USA29 months, 2 days ago3 days ago587
PhiloSophiaZoso's AvatarPhiloSophiaZoso Not specified165 months, 3 days ago4 days ago8,970
pish's Avatarpish USA206 months, 22 days agoToday7,549
 Plato II USA34 months, 17 days ago22 months, 19 days ago8,602
Plato seven of 9's AvatarPlato seven of 9 Bulgaria22 months, 16 days ago10 days ago2,320
 Protoi777 Canada18 months, 7 days ago9 months, 11 days ago1,575
 Queue_for_Q USA53 months, 20 days ago1 months, 17 days ago2,145
 radarloveguy Australia147 months, 19 days ago5 months, 15 days ago52
REaliZe's AvatarREaliZe Armenia27 months, 6 days ago13 days ago12,296
redhouserebel's Avatarredhouserebel United Kingdom108 months, 2 days ago74 months, 8 days ago14,037
Saint Lance the Odd from BC's AvatarSaint Lance the Odd from BC Other58 months, 23 days ago7 months, 18 days ago45,475
 scientistsarepedophil​es Bolivia51 months, 27 days ago49 months, 17 days ago1,657
 Sheol Other54 months, 29 days ago2 days ago52
 Silver Eye New Zealand133 months, 23 days agoToday115
Sleepy Night Owl's AvatarSleepy Night Owl USA143 months, 15 days ago1 day ago1,584
South Central's AvatarSouth Central USA74 months, 18 days ago1 day ago2,140
Té a lorgann's AvatarTé a lorgann USA117 months, 6 days ago14 days ago433
 T2256 USA26 months, 29 days ago1 months, 4 days ago415
TheFierceOne's AvatarTheFierceOne United Kingdom55 months, 2 days ago22 days ago774
TheFool's AvatarTheFool Starfleet130 months, 1 days ago1 day ago6,183
 Thegoodmrj Starfleet8 months, 6 days ago8 months, 2 days ago3
 Tomeko Poland16 months, 2 days ago3 days ago2,348
Treerat's AvatarTreerat USA78 months, 16 days ago1 day ago2,276
 Triteia USA51 months, 29 days ago7 months, 16 days ago8,559
 TurtleManEa USA60 months, 20 days ago1 months, 5 days ago2,297
Undestroyer's AvatarUndestroyer USA138 months, 14 days ago1 day ago13,700
WithinWithout's AvatarWithinWithout United Kingdom91 months, 18 days ago86 months, 4 days ago107
 YahwehKale USA35 months, 16 days ago32 months, 5 days ago496
Zions Fled's AvatarZions Fled USA214 months, 26 days ago3 months, 5 days ago8,327
Zorro A. Knievel Esq.'s AvatarZorro A. Knievel Esq. USA56 months, 23 days ago10 months, 4 days ago3,973
zzcat's Avatarzzcat USA106 months, 16 days ago2 days ago9,204
~metanoia~'s Avatar~metanoia~ USA13 months, 13 days ago1 day ago1,940
~Newton's Own~'s Avatar~Newton's Own~ USA68 months, 17 days ago23 months, 14 days ago39,077