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7/17/2019Green from MnB15....thanks for your info!!
7/13/2019Stop trying to hijack threads Especially storm threads.
7/8/2019Thanks for sharing, happened with a relative of mine, too.
7/6/20196000 ft minimum??? Pole shift is magnetic and not physical. Research my ass.
6/24/2019Overdramatic idiot
6/6/2019Thank you
5/29/2019Wtf??? You get your info from Mia and Bryan on YT?? Might as well be Rem and Stimpy
5/21/2019Thank you
5/17/2019Good thing my dog just had a new litter. I'll let them get a little bigger than I can eat them right before the poleshift. Zetas right again!
5/17/2019Reported Abusive Post
5/16/2019Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
5/15/2019Have some green...great pole shift thread. its happening. Trey
5/15/2019Feels wrong to see you with green karma.
5/15/2019Consider yourself lucky that i told you to go fuck yourself.
5/15/2019You have to explain don't be a fool
5/15/2019For the Pole shift info.... Seekinginformation
5/15/2019Try some evidence retard
5/15/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
12/19/201611:11 thread JohnTheRevelator111
5/26/2016Will they eat shit and die?
4/18/2016Sorry :(
4/18/2016You said "If I had known what I know now" must add " You wouldn't learn what you've learnt !! " its all about EXPERIENCE ;) peace yo ONELOVE - ExTraDimensionaL777
3/20/2016Keep bitching cuntwad, not much sympathy for your plight you lazy, stupid, ingrate, punk bitch.
1/3/2016Wow they deleted it - Hope you did not get banned
1/3/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/30/2015The Professional, I love that movie. -Kinect-
10/25/2015Spot the beast,half the battle anom cow
10/25/2015Tour Guide
10/25/2015Spoke with kindness. pool
10/18/2015Gnosticism will murder you
9/13/2015Lol MYG doom tard - RagingGoblin
9/8/2015Read the kybalion for the truth of existence. peace
8/29/201590s -BRD
8/28/2015You R The Negative Energy & I'm Having Steak Tonight
8/27/2015Welcome fuckwit, be seeing you around ; )
8/17/2015So you joined the short bus on Nibiru. MORAN!
7/31/2015Tour Guide
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