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5/18/2019Hope u find what ur looking for!!! - musashi777
5/17/2019Don't let the randos pull you down Rey. Your experience exists outside of them, unless you let them in. Be strong, bro. Fret
5/16/2019Come back soon!
5/16/2019I hope you enjoy your break and get your mind in a happier place - ElleMira
5/16/2019Come back soon, man. - New Age Scam Artist
5/15/2019Rey. You NEED Jesus, man. Real, real bad. Ask HIM to save you! JESUS is GOD.
5/13/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/13/2019Don't knock those less fortunate, one day it could be you!
5/13/2019What a fucking moran
5/13/2019You're insane if you think my ass is fat
5/13/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/13/2019Rey Rey - You need to get you some pussy. Some good pussy.
5/12/2019I enjoy your succinct posts. Gou have great quality. ~White Gloves
5/12/2019Great posts, great guy.
5/12/2019So-called " baby boomers" represents millions of mostly strangers that do not think alike, have different life experiences.
5/12/2019U r an asshole.get the fuck off from your chair and start cleaning your room,soy boy
5/12/2019Have a good Sunday dude, and some green. LTHN.
5/11/2019In time, LIBERALS will know pain of the unsealed indictments!! good thread. ~red pilled.
5/11/2019I also believe that things are moving along at GITMO. That's probably why your thread was so heavily shilled. :-) morgan
5/10/2019From Pepperroni. Because you’re right
5/9/2019Clean your room, Cody
5/8/2019Original post is strong enough to overpower objectionable video content~Cheops
5/8/2019Sock puppet. Don't beleive a word this bot says.
5/8/2019Clean your room
5/8/2019Green for your boss Youtube videos - New Age Scam Artist
5/8/2019Cutie <3 xoxoxo~jp60
5/7/2019AnonymousGirl :)
5/7/2019Worry about being unable to work!
5/7/2019It took a long time for me to realize that an immaculant hse isnt what matters. God Bless You and Yours. Love Jen
5/7/2019MEGAGAY? STFU. If your mom let you have half a brian you'd be dangerous. Your parents are STUPID too RAY is spelt RAY, not Rey.
5/7/2019Trustworthy Green - Louis in Richmond
5/7/2019War Brings Greatness And High Powered Humanity
5/6/2019Have a good week! ~ ItsMaKa2
5/6/2019How does it feel to be the "village idiot" of glp? if you clean your basement room, mommy will make you cookies
5/6/2019Greenage rounds for people speaking their truths...Lance from BC
5/5/2019I gotta give ya some green for your vids. Putting yourself out there like that.
5/4/2019Trump Humper!
4/28/2019Stfu. clean your room. Get a job.
4/27/2019Shut the fuck up you brainless moron
4/26/2019God Bless America!~Galaxy
4/25/2019You are so right. Diabolical
4/25/2019Green to RAYMAGA!!!...saved
4/24/2019Retard !
4/23/2019Thanks brains
4/23/2019Omg dudeeeeee LMAOO
4/23/2019Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
4/23/2019Reysmegma Truth
4/22/20195 stars and a green! Thanks! PHX57
4/22/2019Screw pompeo and all his shills
4/22/2019Rock the kasbah LMAOOO
4/22/2019Pompeo is great. Green for good vids. Green Tabber.
4/22/2019Great Post on Pompeo -suppporter
4/22/2019REYMEGA TRUTH = outstanding presence
4/22/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
4/22/2019You're such a fucking creepy imbecile. no wonder you'll never find a woman. go away
4/22/2019For your caring post on the Sri Lanka thread MySoul
4/21/2019You've been taking your meds lately - good job. some of your posts actually make sense.
4/21/2019Seriously, green 4 comment!
4/21/2019Happy Easter - ElleMira
4/21/2019Revise your history liar.
4/20/2019Clean your room. Then get a job.
4/20/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/20/2019Don't listen to Pooka. Stay here. What would glp be without you?
4/19/2019Ur a special kind of stupid huh?
4/19/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
4/19/2019Never stop dancing.
4/18/2019Staying on Point! - musashi7777
4/18/2019Account assistance Green. - Louis in Richmond
4/18/2019Happy Passover. Adytum
4/17/2019Patriotic Green Des
4/17/2019Retaing stars due to malfunction in upgrading...lance
4/16/2019Great threads and comments!
4/16/2019GREEN to every poster on this thread. Even you fucktards. DENIZEN
4/15/2019After you clean your room
4/15/2019From reepster
4/14/2019I concur JA will bring down the DS. ~red pilled
4/14/2019Keyboard diarrhea moran. do you ever think before you post?
4/13/2019Your parents should be arrested for not getting you braces.
4/13/2019For standing against multiculturalism and weaponized immigration
4/13/2019Israel firster
4/13/2019Correlating not believing 9/11 Official Narrative (for which there are innumerable evidences) to being anti-american and pro-islam, shame on you for your poor research and conclusions
4/13/2019Cube is about you. love Miss Cleo
4/13/2019“I think Israel did 9/11â€
4/13/2019Israel did 9/11
4/13/2019Correlating not believing 9/11 Official Narrative (for which there are innumerable evidences) to being anti-american and pro-islam, shame on you for your poor research and conclusions
4/13/2019Israel firster (MIGA)
4/13/2019Mommy let off the tittie early tonight, or did you sneak down the basement RAY? WTF SPELLS "RAY" "rey" anyway? Your parents are geniuses.
4/12/2019Stuck on STUPID!
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