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4/27/2022PAnic! at the disco - trashcanman2
10/16/2017Dan Schneider is one Nickelodean Perv
5/21/2017From the queen
5/6/2017Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
3/12/2017Horses ass
11/29/2016I dont agree with abortion. You are a compelling reason for it at any age. I mean that in the nicest possible way
11/19/2016Trump won get over it
11/12/2016Awesome GLP'r! ~Silenced J
11/9/2016Your tears are delish.
10/22/2016Stopping by to say hi. Even if we don't agree about trump, I still like your threads. 27fletcher
10/8/2016Go away
9/26/2016You lost something. Oh, here it is.
9/16/2016You still here? Good. Your tears are delicious. TRUMP 2016
9/14/2016I call them as I see them. If Trump does something stupid I will call him out on it. Copperhead
9/13/2016Go away.
9/10/2016Being a jerk
9/10/2016Asleep and cocky. Bad combo
8/27/2016Trump bump :)
8/26/2016Because you're still here
8/24/2016You're one of the few smart ones left around here. You'll be criticized a lot. Bless U ~Silenced J
8/13/2016Welcome back shill
8/3/2016Long time no green - Michael Deschain
7/29/2016Salute! --CBH
7/28/2016Oh you're back again you vapid c***, go away
7/28/2016I see you decided to crawl out of your safe space after the Cruz burnout. Sore loser much? Trump bump :)
7/27/2016Very dry pussy. Like sand paper. This bitch doesn't even swallow.
6/18/2016Good posts
6/1/2016Sign your red. And *you* shut the fuck up already, k? K.
6/1/2016Reported Abusive Post
5/26/2016Sloppy third Cruizer.
5/26/2016He is gay, and I bet you would give him sloppy 22nds.
5/26/2016Enjoy this
5/26/2016Great posts, trump is nothing but a bullshitting billionaire huckster.
5/26/2016Sloppy seconds
5/16/2016Feelings, woe oh woe feelings
5/7/2016Mwahahaha - aqmah ^_^
5/6/2016Listen you dumb broad...everyone is on to your BS, and no one is listening...do yourself a favor and take a hike.
5/5/2016Trump bump
5/3/2016Reported Abusive Post
5/2/2016IQ of smegma coated potato
5/2/2016Dropping off some green for ya - Michael Deschain
5/1/2016LoL I knew I wouldn't be alone in my observations. :) AnonymousGirl
4/30/2016You have halitosis!!! Trump will help clear that up for you!
4/29/2016Hope you enjoy your weekend! -I_am_who_I_am
4/29/2016I still like you. Don't agree with you on all things but it would be boring if we agree on everything. ~27fletcher
4/28/2016The dumb 20-something broad who thinks she'
4/27/2016Brienne of Tarth is doing just fine. :) Sloane
4/27/2016Hurting trump supporters feelings
4/27/2016Ppl here cry to much
4/27/2016Fuck yourself cunt-give your sock-puppet some green while your at it. That's the only you'll get
4/21/2016Idiot. Manhattan doesn't matter. It represents a very small percentage of the country
4/19/2016Creepo likes cruz?
4/19/2016Well deserved red.
4/18/2016Trump de ial
4/18/2016Fuck off, cunt.
4/18/2016Trump bump :) You done fell for the booger-eating Canadian.
4/16/2016Stupid ass! tats don't always mean drugs and criminals
4/14/2016I thought you hanged yourself?
4/14/2016Don't you know that political talk is just a bunch of lies? Trump is refreshing. At least he tells it the way he sees it, not what others tell him to say. You are dumb!
4/13/2016You're just dumb. Trump is the way.
4/13/2016Fuck off.
4/13/2016You support fat canadian dracula??? seriously?
4/2/2016Contrarian bitch
4/2/2016Yep, bullied into silence
3/31/2016Endorses death threats made my Ted Cruz. quite pathetic and a known shill.
3/31/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/31/2016Please do leave
3/30/2016Jesus Christ. I really wanted to be on her side.
3/29/2016Brief :)
3/27/2016Green from WOLF : )
3/27/2016Happy Easter you distastful piece of shit
3/27/2016Stop giving your sockpuppet green karma
3/26/2016They're trying to destroy the GOP, not Cruz.
3/26/2016Faggot Cruz supporter now.
3/25/2016You got it!
3/24/2016Oh God you're all mouth!! shut it!!
3/23/2016Your negaitve comment misses the point
3/23/2016Greenzilla - Michael Deschain
3/23/2016You are not real smart are you?
3/22/2016Green for not buying into trump's bullshit and bad acting.
3/22/2016How does this sound !!
3/22/2016Hey Trump hater, don't like it, stay off pro Trump threadz, ahole.
3/21/2016Shillary Supporter
3/21/2016Reported Abusive Post
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