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SHR's Karma

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9/16/2011Need more green... stat!
9/16/2011Because I like the Men in Black animation you put on the thread "Do Not Despair" LOL
9/16/2011Peace: Nutramac
9/16/2011U just received positiv karma from sharty mc bean!
9/15/2011Predator A+ now go and fix that dome & scope for Trinity
9/14/2011Thx for the help
9/13/2011For PKR ;)
9/13/2011Why don't you examine YOUR objectivity?
9/13/2011Embarrisingly weak intellectual arguments and repeated biased bashing from a mod?
9/12/2011Coolest Admin on GLP ;-)
9/12/2011God you are such a shithead
9/12/2011Anti- Ron Paul moron. Go vote for Rick Santorum
9/12/2011Shit for brains
9/9/2011Karma bump :)
9/7/2011The truth hurts for frenchie.
9/6/2011Dick much?
9/6/2011Adult lightworker secrets store
9/6/2011All you faker plane holomissile DEW beam people don't have to bother to respond to that...lol!
9/5/2011Chill out crab face
9/5/2011Back at ya!
9/5/2011Chill out crab face
9/4/2011Green thumb for you.
9/1/2011U just received positiv karma from sharty mc bean!
8/30/2011More Green.
8/30/2011Extension of account :)
8/30/2011Because you are just...AWESOME...and hot
8/30/2011Full of Epic Win.
8/29/2011Good response to my thread
8/29/2011For the man man rawr
8/29/2011The Man Behind Making The GLP Observatory Actualy Work!!
8/25/2011I love you man, dont know why, but i do, but what is this with all the opposing karma stuff, anyways, so be it, i am kinda giving up, peace bro
8/24/2011SHR has improved Karma
8/24/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/24/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/24/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/24/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/23/2011Pushed thew wrong button last time and accidnetly left you neg karma ....sorry dude
8/20/2011For all that you do.
8/19/2011Do i really need a reason... :)
8/19/2011Critical of Ron Paul because of his age rather than his merits...LOL...very intelligent.
8/17/2011Dismissive with a failure to comprehend
8/17/2011Always enjoy your threads and post
8/17/2011You suck. ron paul rocks
8/17/2011Stupid thread
8/17/2011I see what you did there
8/17/2011Calling poster FAGS and cussing alot
8/17/2011Name calling gets tiresome
8/17/2011Crappy Thread...but thanks for sharing.
8/17/2011Just didn't like the comment! Nothing ageinst the op...
8/17/2011Thinks people give a shit about his idiotic babbling.
8/17/2011What can you say about SHR....the man is just great
8/17/2011Foul, false attack on the very honorable Ron Paul, foul insults to posters
8/17/2011Douchebag just looking to stir shit. Will do nothing positive for the community here.
8/17/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
8/17/2011Sexy sexy
8/16/2011Cause SHR is the most scary brilliant thing since karma born.
8/16/2011Because you are viciously fair and highly amusing. just don't turn it on me!! ; }
8/16/2011For not being a Paultard.
8/15/2011Lol :)
8/15/2011I know we're both married, lol, but I love your good heart! For a whole buncha reasons you get a thumb's up!
8/15/2011Use the unpin everyday but your my fav SHR!!
8/15/2011Just because he is Freaking awesome <3 <3 <3
8/14/2011For being rude and illogical!
8/14/2011Great post!
8/14/2011Put up Epic pic. of poser Obama
8/14/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
8/14/2011I really like you
8/14/2011Haha, beenie hat comment! Great comeback!
8/14/2011Helpful and well articulated posts
8/13/2011Bc SHR never loses his "ness"
8/13/2011The one and only SHR. SHR is always helpful.
8/13/2011Because You Are Fucking Awesome!
8/12/2011Shr has good karma too
8/12/2011SHR is my fucking idol!
8/12/2011Because you suck, crabface
8/12/2011Let's put SHR over 9000!
8/12/2011Sending some good Karma your way SHR! lol
8/12/2011He's a good mod!
8/12/2011SHR - You are thge best man ---you're a goddam genius
8/12/2011Cuz you are the #1 Admin!
8/12/2011Just cuz he IS a nice guy! That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! LOL
8/12/2011I think it's working just fine.
8/12/2011Just because...:D
8/12/2011SHR has always been courteous and helpful to me. Excellent mod. Two thumbs up if I could.
8/12/2011A gift for some excellent thought-provoking threads. :)
8/12/2011For levity and dedication
8/12/2011Cheese Eggs, T-Bone steak and welches grape my man.
8/12/2011Good dude!
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