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SHR's Karma

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10/3/2011For Truth Nutramac
10/3/2011Total ignorance
10/3/2011Nice detective work
10/3/2011Nice find on the websites!
10/3/2011Excellent detective work!!! LoVeLiGHT420
10/3/2011You are scary smart~oh_yikes
10/3/2011Great research
10/3/2011Keep up the good work
10/3/2011Nice find
10/1/2011Because you lack a brain
10/1/2011Karma bump :)
10/1/2011What happened to PStars? :)
10/1/2011For making me laugh til the tears ran down my legs. LOL
9/30/2011Because he's right
9/30/2011Ron paul - jon stewart tread -- a lot to say, with no points of reality. you can't use an extremes of non-reality to make a point. Nobody ever said abolish the ferderal government...fail.
9/27/2011Thanks, :) Azila
9/27/2011Thanks for the help! Much love! 11.11.11
9/26/2011For giving somebody extra time
9/26/2011Thanks for helping!
9/25/2011Banning TC!
9/25/2011Good guy
9/25/2011U just received positiv karma from sharty mc bean!
9/25/2011Just cuz. Love I steal rainbows
9/24/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/24/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/24/2011For making us think. :)
9/24/2011Cause you have a cool avatar****Butterfly Girl
9/24/2011For working so hard on the observatory - From Astrochik
9/24/2011Yer pal)
9/22/2011Doom 10. 1 Rocks!!!
9/22/2011For telescope update
9/22/2011For the Awesome GLP observatory
9/22/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/21/2011Scope builder!
9/21/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/21/2011For dedication & tireless efforts on glp & observatory. shr's the shit ;)
9/21/2011For the sexy sexy man man
9/21/2011Keep up the good work! You're going to be heroes
9/21/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/21/2011Thanks for the hard work!
9/21/2011Dogmeat2112 nominates you as GLP MVP which earns you good karma. Frankenstein
9/21/2011Thank you for all the hard work. It is mind boggling.
9/21/2011For being such a kickass observatory builder :) thx for the update!
9/21/2011You deserve more and mooore
9/21/20111 Karma to hopefully offset -1 observatory headache
9/21/2011WOW! for determination and can-do commitment!!!
9/21/2011Kuddos! for all the hard work :)
9/21/2011For the explanation... thank you
9/21/2011Always awesome, today's observatory update no exception. Vision Thing
9/21/2011This can bring nothing but good karma for this site! Dedication ftw!
9/21/2011Great post !!! keep up the good work
9/21/2011Thanks for the update/all your hard work on the Observatory.
9/21/2011Too friggin cool ,nice brain work there...
9/21/2011You tell a great story...can't wait!
9/21/2011Great telescope update.. great work! - My2centsworth
9/21/2011You are the shit. thanks for the obs update
9/21/2011For all the work on the observatory!! Joker
9/21/2011Thanks for the info
9/21/2011Great work on the observatory. Gotta love troubleshooting in the blind.
9/21/2011Great news!
9/21/2011For the very detailed update on the observatory LJ
9/21/2011For observatory efforts
9/21/2011Thanks for the update, look forward to seeing results
9/21/2011Its been a long time that there was a proper update on de Observatory, and now there is one. So plus 1 karma :P
9/21/2011Excellent scope work-NIMRUTH
9/21/2011Great stuff
9/21/2011For your ongoing dedication - thanks mate
9/21/2011For the cool gif!
9/21/2011This project, from beginning to end is a work or art. I admire both you & Trinity immensely for you dedication & very hard work.
9/21/2011SHR = Legendary GLP chats!
9/21/2011For all your hard work on the GLP observatory!
9/21/2011A Best of the Best Forum Administrator! Many thanks for all you do.
9/21/2011Caues you guys are champions of humanity. (Doing what you are doing for the Observatory and just GLP appreciation in general).
9/21/2011Cool recap
9/21/2011Great post.
9/21/2011Pathological Liar
9/21/2011Go GLP Observatory!
9/21/2011Thanks ! good work
9/21/2011For all your hard work, even in the face of such discouragement! Don't worry, you'll get there.
9/21/2011Thanks From 'Uncle Mikey'
9/20/2011Haha 2nd fav mod here ar-15nut
9/20/2011For seeing through bullshit so easily
9/20/2011Optical irreverence increases morale on the spaceship.
9/19/2011Perfect assessment of the truth dude
9/19/2011The seller ACCEPTED Fiat money, so jokes on them!
9/19/2011Yeah Polar Bears, kills it
9/19/2011Thanks for the heads up ducati60
9/19/2011Karma bump :)
9/18/2011Owning the GLP hater
9/18/2011Ha! good one! :P (re: CT & GLP thread
9/17/2011Good post
9/17/2011Hurray! An adult in chat!
9/17/2011Gay 80's style van halen karma,and i alway loved your serious writings
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