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12/1/2017Did you not think of a name yet? lol Niamh xxx.
11/27/2017Hello from mila
11/19/2017Here's some green for your massive butthurt. - Chaos Replicator.
11/17/2017Green. love Miss Cleo
10/27/2017Some Nepali karma - curry nosher :-)
10/26/2017TY! -Face
10/25/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/22/2017Demon green! lol mila
10/19/2017Thank you so much. Good karma back to you :) From ThisWayUp
10/18/2017Gawd, why can't all Aussie GLPers be like you? - The Comedian
10/18/2017Reported Abusive Post
10/18/2017So true, lots of surveillance, NobodySpecial4Now
10/15/2017Because women are destroting civilization true story
10/2/2017From mila
9/26/2017Brief :)
9/18/2017Never was a popular message , thanks for kind words Love GFG
9/14/2017I would take white criminals every day any day over them
9/1/2017Extremely obvious shill when it comes to the metaphysical in threads. may G-d bless you and the ones you are close with.
8/31/2017Thanks. pool
8/31/2017Thx for the pin! -Face
8/27/2017Another 142 green! Munsoned
8/16/2017Had A Damascus Road Type Experenice Love GFG
8/15/2017Green drive by from mila <3
8/12/2017Green for you. :) strgzr
8/12/2017What a fool you are
8/2/2017A Million thanks! -= Travis Bickle =-
7/30/2017Some warm and fuzzy green your way ~ Aurora
7/30/2017Love GFG
7/30/2017Have a good week! ~ ItsMaKa2
7/19/2017Peekaboo i see you
7/10/2017Right back at ya!
6/19/2017GERD!.. cp
6/16/2017"It's a weird story. And my explanation doesn't shed any light on it."
6/16/2017It is time to look up to the Heavens! :) ~ A Friend
6/6/2017Just tax air... mylifeforyou
5/22/2017Thanks much for posting in my jerk neighbor thread, have a great week-, savcash
5/20/2017For using female shame tactics. Did some poor woman hurt your manfeelz?
5/19/2017Using karam to pin cool science. msr
4/11/2017Good discussion. love Miss Clea
4/3/2017Tsk tsk
3/26/2017For your posts in fuck in the anomaly
3/25/201703/25/2017 06:42 am
3/20/2017You beat me to it ~ Lady Truth ~ denial of Sex
3/3/2017Hillary fag
2/23/2017Google is what? Go back to Australia and surrender your firearms cuck
2/22/2017Thanks bud! Munsoned
2/16/2017Yes it will !!
2/3/2017Hehe! - Chaos Replicator.
1/4/2017Socialist tard
1/4/2017Back at you~~waitwutt~~
1/3/2017Green for mesentery topic. From ThisWayUp
1/3/2017You can see thru the msm malarky
12/25/2016You don't know why people are sad on Christmas?! Really?
12/16/2016Poor cellar dweller
12/5/2016Thank you. Fardy Schitz.
12/3/2016Nonsense speaker
11/26/2016Brief :)
11/6/2016It finally let me give you greeeeeen. ~ DW
11/5/2016Thank you. Seems like the smartest, safest thing to do. ~ Debauchery
10/28/2016Nice to back (I think) :) ~ DW
10/28/2016Many Blessings Mate - Twisted Bastard
10/19/2016Awesome post...good karma sent your way
10/12/2016Too many aussie fuckholes here
9/27/2016Reported Abusive Post
9/20/2016The stupid hurts with that bunch ! ~kpm~
9/13/2016Just because ~~~BMKSY
9/8/2016Just being one is wealthy doesn't mean they need to rule over others. That's your mistake.
9/3/2016Really if, you can't say someting nice---at least be creative! Now, put another shrimp on the ba'ahby! Jedi
9/3/2016For breaking the monotony ~ DW
9/2/2016Good help hard to find thread, thanks ~~~BMKSY
8/27/2016Thanks for catching the smartest thing I said tonight - Darth
8/26/2016I like your style (on the slut-shaming thread)
8/16/2016Hehe! thanks! - Chaos Replicator.
8/14/2016Good humor
8/10/2016Brief :)
8/3/2016You're dense arent you?
7/26/2016Aussie mate:) gotta vote a yes pls
7/25/2016Thank you - father Gascoigne
7/24/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/17/2016Thanks darling dear - little susie
7/16/2016Thanks for commenting on my BLM ambulance thread! TrustNoOneKS
7/8/2016Brief :)
6/28/2016For the GLP award you gave out
6/2/2016Thanks for green! some green for you! :) Digital Mix Guy
5/21/2016Hiya mate, thanks for comment man, i forgot that lol - curry
5/19/2016Things are peachy>>>MarPep
5/9/2016I really like your positive attitude. ~ A Friend
4/23/2016Anti-semite piece of shit
4/13/2016Brief :)
4/11/2016AnonymousGirl :)
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