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4/11/2016Fun comment ---> We psychic energy vampires hail from Polaris and control the world through our reptilian slaves!!!
4/9/2016Genious is a dotted line beside madness
4/7/2016Tardish..perhaps cool name
3/30/2016I've banged 3 girls who are friends at one time
3/26/2016Snowflake advice
3/18/2016Leftist grub and muslim lover
3/15/2016For being postive....grumpier
3/14/2016Enjoy your day sacred energy :)
3/14/2016<3 - Bhzp
3/12/2016SPLAT ChvyV8Bldr
2/13/2016Have a good weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
2/5/2016Nobody thread green for awesome response
2/4/2016For trying to reason with a brick wall, it was a valiant effort
1/28/2016Centrelink stamp of approval lol
1/26/2016To relieve your deficit - requiem
1/25/2016AusieTurd....shut up moran
1/13/2016You're even lower than Beta.
12/24/2015What a nasty post on the i left my husband thread. Hope it happens to you.
12/21/2015Nice person.
12/20/2015You Have Failed, op did not make the video.
12/9/2015Good post
11/20/2015Land on the Turtle. lol. Tess
10/20/2015Shut up with your dindu crap
10/19/2015Gotta start with Green...pilgrim
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