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5/6/2016Great meme! nailed it! Abalienari non possu
5/5/2016Truth seeker!
5/5/2016You're going to have to learn the hard way
5/5/2016Head shot
5/4/2016Thank you and Blessings, serenaseesall
5/4/2016Thank you for you assesment. It was very astute of you. Os76.
5/3/2016Thanks for sharing the video, Ag47
5/3/2016Forced sunday observance will be the mark of the beast (rome)
5/2/2016Great post on mark of the beast thread! Bibliophile :)
4/30/2016May GOD Bless you !!! Lamb of God 25.
4/28/2016I never believed the missile story either! Esoterica
4/28/2016Iron sharpens iron. Salt
4/28/201612 minute video <3
4/28/2016Green for your God thread! Daddysgirl!
4/27/2016I love Piper Love GFG
4/27/2016A little green for you----baloney
4/27/2016Pot, meet kettle
4/27/2016From Ralph--a house dog
4/26/2016Five Stars for Daughters! :) Sloane
4/26/2016Thanks you too brother -cavjock12
4/25/2016Amen! +++-funnystrange
4/22/2016Happy friday! :D calx
4/22/2016Forced sunday observance will be the mark of the beast. not some silly chip. you lead others astray
4/21/2016Nice meme -asymptote
4/21/2016Bless You - Dumachii
4/21/2016Buddy green.Lamb of God 25
4/21/2016Bla bla bla. thanks
4/18/2016Been there done that
4/17/2016Sunday Green -- Wolf 1776
4/15/2016ThankYou! holyspiritwind
4/14/2016Thanks for posting -cavjock12
4/14/2016Buddy green.Lamb of God 25
4/13/2016Ag47 :)
4/13/2016Green right back at ya----baloney
4/12/2016Greenade incoming for your brilliance...saved
4/8/2016Pray ~ mono
4/8/2016The bible is full of incest, and actually promotes the idea.
4/8/2016Friday Green -- Wolf 1776
4/8/2016Get some brainwash and take your meds..
4/5/2016Jesus is stupid
4/5/2016Love GFG
4/4/2016I_am_who_I_am (gif chick)
4/4/2016Cheers, serena
4/4/2016No Dhimmi Greenery
4/4/2016Foot soldier in the Good fight - The Comedian
4/2/2016Green for your gospel thread! Way to go my buddy! Daddysgirl!
3/29/2016Yes they are :) Payton
3/29/2016Best wishes from TheLordsServant
3/28/2016Plasmic was here
3/28/2016Well said -- filth
3/28/2016Good point
3/28/2016No Dhimmi Greenery
3/25/2016Jude 1:2 - DREADN0T
3/24/2016From one whistleblower to another! Thank you for all your support! -PirateMonkey
3/23/2016For KNOWING The word of THE Almighty!!* Just Trina
3/23/2016LOL! -Revbo
3/22/2016God bless you abundantly, brethren! Much love, Wishin'
3/21/2016Monday Green -- Wolf 1776
3/21/2016Get out
3/17/2016Right On [email protected] - jdb
3/15/2016Good Karma for you
3/15/2016Maybe you should hang out at the hufpo? dick.
3/14/2016Moday Green - GonadTheBallbarian
3/13/2016Sunday Greeen -- Wolf 1776
3/12/2016Love GFG
3/11/20162 Peter 1:2 - DR3ADN0T
3/10/2016Thanks for the Green Friend! ~Ulijah~
3/8/2016For being fooled into voting. Funny and insightful. - Michael Deschain
3/8/2016Your posts on irrefutable chemtrail thread, well written and presented.
3/8/2016Shillalicious.. 5 star post
3/7/2016Hey friend, thanks for the nice comments. U get it! scottfree
3/7/2016For your sig which brings me a sense of peace while viewing GLP, its a rare feeling sometimes -Haun-
3/7/2016Greatmindsthinkalike-​ redheadedriot
3/6/2016Sunday Green -- Wolf 1776
3/3/2016No Dhimmi Greenery
3/2/2016Thanks for your thoughts | The_Master
2/27/2016Saturday Green 2 U -- Wolf 1776
2/26/2016Thanks for sharing your ideals and opinions about culture (:
2/25/2016Romney is irrelevant. :D ~MissA
2/23/2016Thank you! holyspiritwind
2/22/2016Just cuz - The Comedian
2/20/2016Just because
2/18/2016Hi, [email protected]~~Hugs from I Love Panda Bears!
2/18/2016I like how you put this.
2/17/2016Green for you. VioletR
2/16/2016Trump bashing.
2/16/2016Cool thread. ~Silenced J
2/16/2016He is the Vine..we are the branches Carol B.
2/15/2016No he's not, douche-Luther sucker
2/11/2016The Hapless Moran salutes you.
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