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2/20/2021Yep to nuclear power, no to wind turbines.
2/7/2021Miss him too
2/5/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/23/2021We have that now
1/11/2021Pelosi arrest - Half Past Midnight
1/8/2021Have some green!-widge
12/29/2020Starbird green Hellos.
12/29/2020Happy New Year! ElleMira
12/13/2020Radioactive Green from WGON.
12/13/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
12/9/2020Green for Jackson comment.
12/6/2020Thats what i was thinking
12/4/2020Green 4 patriots - ProfWT
11/30/2020Regards, Bastetcat
11/22/2020For your profile picture. Half lives matter.
11/18/2020SeaBass69 was here
11/18/2020True statement
11/18/2020Green, VACCINE thread----Terrebonne
11/17/2020Chemtrails, lol. you are fucking retarded beyond belief
11/17/2020Great post
11/17/2020Sharknado ftw - Sol
11/8/2020Green from Loup
11/8/2020Thanks for the post
10/20/2020MAGA! ~A Oakley
9/25/2020Okie Onion Burger FTW! ~Catalina Wine Mixer
9/21/2020Green stocks #mypillow
9/2/2020Great posts from Goneviral
9/2/2020Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
9/2/2020Put a fucking thread title, cunt
9/1/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
8/25/2020Green from Goneviral
8/18/2020Obama little horn
7/27/2020Thanks for your comments on my china thread! watch out for seeds! lol!! digital mix guy
7/26/2020Content with basics <3
7/26/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/23/2020Green for someone not having amnesia about Blue Beam. -InPneuma
7/21/2020Green for your posts from Goneviral
6/28/2020Nailed it, dems covid response would have been disastrous! -Cebeij
6/22/2020For your thread contribution. Nine's
6/2/2020Good post KCJ
5/19/2020Green for your posts from Goneviral
5/16/2020Lumberghini was here
5/11/2020Hey Neighbor! Hope you & yours are doing fine, Blessings, Gyro Geargoose
5/8/2020DEm talking point TV...Lance from BC
4/22/2020Paying it forward-11b was here
4/5/2020Smoke a cig...Lance from BC
3/23/2020Karma roll. B.Master
2/8/2020The sit back and smile comment ... beenthruthat ...
2/1/2020You are right on!
1/23/2020Greetings and green--widge
12/30/2019Iran government is none of your business MIGA
12/23/2019Thanks, Adytum
12/20/2019PRE Merry Christmas GREEN to YOU and Yours..May it be Merry..
12/13/2019Awesome idea! We need to organize now! PHX57
12/8/2019Drive By Greenage-CD rules! Wedge
12/6/2019Salutations....Don D.
12/5/2019Correcting AC
11/22/2019God definately .. rewind ; )
11/6/2019Doom please! -Penny Peppers
11/3/2019Operation ICEMAN lol - Anonymous JD
10/24/2019Patriot green ~XeroGravity
10/22/2019Where in OK did you hear that horn? Your neighbor, MaxHeadroomIntrusion
10/20/2019Can't beat the stopping power of a jeep mounted recoilless rifle and a Davy Crocket projectile...ICEY
10/20/2019SoberLife AR15
10/6/2019Cool posts, Dude! Avenger1
10/6/2019Somewhat Old Moldy GREEN KARMA from THE AMERICAN INQUISITOR
9/23/2019This guy gets it! P.N.
8/27/2019Green from WGON
8/10/2019Cheers from CK
8/6/2019Good reply on the Why doesn't God answer my prayers thread. Blessings! NolaAngel
7/26/2019Bud Green.. Tai..
7/26/2019Hell yea i love solar power , life changer
7/18/2019Green - ElleMira
7/13/2019Cascading....I like the way you think. :) clevercreator
7/11/2019Thank God for a GLPer with a sense of humor! - GenX Dude
7/6/2019GREAT meme! beeches
7/3/2019America is the Grand Experiment..Let us not Fail..GREEN..TAI..
7/2/2019Love from LilMiss <3
6/20/2019Amazing post. So intelligent and reasoned. That was cool. Ty
6/20/2019The realist dow realist. 1-2-follow
6/14/2019EyeSeeAll was here :)
6/12/2019Karma point - lavenderblue2u
5/29/2019I guess some trolls didn't like what I said
5/17/2019For using my chaingang meme appropriatly. Pepperroni
5/17/2019Fellow Okie looking for the flying cow. love, MaxHeadroomIntrusion
5/13/2019Loved your comment on EU's currency race to the bottom! Sincerely, the darkshadow
5/10/2019Maggots do not die in the Eternal Fires of Hell. They are eternal torment for the wicked.
5/8/2019Green from WGON
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