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Swaggy T's Karma

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11/22/2023Enjoy your zombie life or death more like.
11/20/2023Hang on...
11/20/2023You ghey yo
11/20/2023You aint no Alpha. You're cuck and would not kmow a real woman.
11/20/2023Vax pusher
11/19/2023Your threads are just a form of brain masterbation. Enjoy making love to your to your own wit that not one other can appreciate.
11/14/2023Still butthurt, aren't ya, Saggy Tits?
11/11/2023You are a legit moron - please stop posting anything
11/1/2023B. s.
10/31/2023Please get some help.
10/24/2023F u
10/24/2023Spreading scare tactics and hate on non vazzers
10/15/2023Poster is a Biden speech writer
10/12/2023Doesn't understand basic logic.
10/12/2023Bad bot. Bad.
10/11/2023You just suck
10/11/2023You are evil.
10/11/2023Eat a bag of dicks
10/11/2023Stupid fuck
10/8/2023Still being a butthurt little broke ass welfare bitch Jack Reno aka Tabitha aka Swaggy T aka Welfare CUNT ROFLMAO!
9/15/2023Fuck! I thought you were gone! Eat shit tard!
9/15/2023Wow you are either or a troll or blind
9/8/2023You take the vaccine, but it's my body, my choice.
9/3/2023Take another death shot you lemming
8/17/2023Pure stupidity
8/7/2023Swaggy Jack Homo Mac from Idaho
8/4/2023Questioning "science" IS how you do science, tard.
8/4/2023Where ya been? In line for a booster?
8/4/2023You need moar red
6/30/2023So dumb
5/10/2023Eat dirt!
5/9/2023Absolute moron
5/9/2023Swaggy Tits Jack Reno aka Idahomo Mac!!!!
5/9/2023They ruined the page, they deny truth.
4/28/2023Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
4/28/2023Selfish not to use your immune system
4/27/2023More red for remaining an idiot
4/25/2023Swaggy's wrong
12/18/2022Obvious shill is obvious
12/17/2022Shill pretending to push vaccines. doesn't mention which one they got but recommended the Russian shot. Nobody is changing their mind at this point
10/7/2022More red towards your goal of all red
10/7/2022Extra retarded retard.
10/6/2022Still vax trolling? Or are you really that stupid?
10/6/2022Ohhhh Vaxx Me Daddy! Geostorm
10/6/2022Shit stirier, obviously the T is for twat
10/6/2022You shouldnt waste air
10/4/2022You wish! You all know by now, tho u live in denial, the vax was a death sentence. Accept it and stop trying to deflect.
10/4/2022Delusional, use your immune system, a few of us are lucky enough to have an immune system. Please check for your own immune system.
10/2/2022So your logic is; my lack of a death shot, will kill you?
9/26/2022Retarded post
9/25/2022The vxx kills asshole
9/12/2022Follow better science
9/11/2022Swaggy Tits, Crema da la CRAP, Bullsh!T, Red PortaJohn, Pee Pee Platter, Dr Pecker, Uncle Gaytell, JackReno, Dog Secks Guy, all the same person
9/6/2022Genocidal shill! cease and desist trying to get people to kill themselves with that vaxx.
8/31/2022Horrible larper
6/16/2022Propaganda artist
6/4/2022IQ of -1 Potato
6/4/2022Swaggy should join CKP for most boosters shots
6/4/2022Moar red for the vax fuckhead. get your booster loser.
6/4/2022Are you still here?
6/4/2022And, this is NOT a vaccine !
5/14/2022Where you at SwaggyBitch/Uncle Genitals?
4/28/2022How come you aren't vax shilling anymore? We aren't dead yet, what happened?
3/3/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/3/2022Troll Post
2/28/2022Idiot whos wrong-think is worse than actual dictators
2/28/2022You're a idiot
2/28/2022Deep down I know you are mentally unfit
2/23/2022You'll love this CT then, You're just a Gintel sock.
2/23/2022Faaaggggot Alert
2/22/2022Get lost you waste of resources
2/22/2022It's like cancer, but made of words on Godlike Productions
2/22/2022Fuck off
2/22/2022Just like you are an idiot
2/20/2022Calling it like it is at GLP
2/20/2022Buh buh Baaaaaaa
2/20/2022Clotshot pharma freak
2/20/2022Not too bright are you?
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