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2/20/2022Oh my god youre an idiot. seriously. NEVER procreate. ever.
2/20/2022Hit and run scumbag
2/20/2022You must be the controlled opposition..
2/16/2022U r a Fucking Idiot!!! -vino
2/16/2022Bumping all your old threads as an ANONYMOUS PUSSY is a thing now eh?
2/13/2022Red Karma farming is obvious , have some green
2/13/2022Thanx for affirming flat earth threads are a turd in the punch bowl you drink out of. Do you take the short bus to D.C., or Bidens Choo Choo?
2/10/2022Enjoy your AIDS vaxtard.
2/10/2022You are correct...you never will understand
2/10/2022I am free. You are slave.
2/8/2022You can't be that stupid, can you?
2/8/2022Piece of shit
2/6/2022The Vaxxed are not getting Covid because of the Vaccine. It's the Unvaccinated's fault.
2/6/2022Go away!!!
2/6/2022This is your father your mother and i are very ashamed son
2/6/2022Vaccinated also spread COVID to the non-vax. Your false interpretation is from fake news.
2/5/2022Are you really a moron or just a troll wanting to get clocks?
2/3/2022You Know Nothing About Freedom or Being a Man
2/3/2022Useless trolling shill
2/3/2022FUCK YOU and the VAX
2/3/2022Wow. I didn't think this level if vile stupidity was achievable.
2/3/2022Slave talk, read animal farm, do you even have a soul?
2/3/2022Bless your heart! You are too ignorant for me to give you red. I hope you are only ten years old with this amount of discernment.
2/3/2022For pushing nazi propaganda bs re the vax.
2/3/2022For stupidity.
2/3/2022Delusional... covid has 99.7% survival rate.
2/3/2022Total fucking dipshit.
2/2/2022Enjoy your future 12 more boosters.
2/2/2022Lmfao you dumb motherfucker...it's starting to sink in huh? The vaxx doesn't work...what did you inject into your body and what's it going to end up doing to you?
2/2/2022Pro-Vaxx Shill
2/1/2022I've worked entire time you DA
1/31/2022Still there?
1/31/2022You are a fucking dumbass that would not know science if it bitch slapped you in the face.
1/30/2022Bumping all your old threads as an ANONYMOUS PUSSY is a thing now eh?
1/16/2022Where ya been hiding Swaggy Tits? You been posting as an anonymous PUSSY again?
1/8/2022Butthurt little bitch. Call her a Waaaaambulance. My vax don't work unless you're vaxxed. Fuck off Karen, keep crying like the bitch that you are.
12/31/2021Butthurt little bitch. Call her a Waaaaambulance. My vax don't work unless you're vaxxed. Fuck off Karen.
12/30/2021Government troll
12/30/2021Has the vax remove you're brian :D ?
12/30/2021Horrible post
12/30/2021If you are an example of the good guy, no thanks I'll stay on my side. you some evil motherfuckers wishing death on people. fuck you piece of shit
12/29/2021Negged. Open your eyes to the truth even if it means it hurts your ego
12/29/2021Go away troll!
12/29/2021Troll, mole and asshole, all rolled up in one
12/29/2021Just parroting the media. No thought. Typical smooth brain.
12/28/2021YOU go to jail and you'll be safe from the unvaxxed and life in general.
12/28/2021Bullshit, if your vaxed and get it then your vax isnt working is it!
12/28/2021Commie libtard cunt
12/28/2021Have some unvaxxed covid moran
12/28/2021You are worse than Uncle Gintel
12/28/2021There's no fool, like an old fool. Will you ever gain wisdom??
12/28/2021You < Shit
12/28/2021Your mother must’ve conceived in a nuclear reactor, cause boy you are retarded.
12/28/2021Take another booster.
12/28/2021Posting Covid disinformation - RiffRaff
12/28/2021Lmao. so fake
12/24/2021Stop being so fucking stupid selfish and racist and just get your damn vaccine wear a mask and support BLM and stop killing so many people with your stupidity and selfishness signed GET VAXXED NOW
12/17/2021You can have my vax shot. I don't need it, because I'm not a pussy.
12/17/2021Dumb fucker...you will never be a woman
12/17/2021He is a brainwashed idiot
12/17/2021Government shill...or a douche bag? Shove the clot shot up your ass
12/17/2021You're logic is messed up lol.
12/17/2021You're spreading bullshit badly
12/17/2021Vax disinformation
12/17/2021Fuck off big pharma fuckface
12/17/2021Ridiculous bullshit
12/17/2021Brain dead
12/17/2021What a fucking retarded mental midget this utter twat is
12/17/2021Because you seem to want Red...Thirsty Marlin!
12/17/2021Stop saying you can still catch it even if you're vaxxed!
12/17/2021Please go away
12/17/2021Go away!!!
12/17/2021How annoying can one person be?
12/17/2021Stupid people need red, you know how it goes...
12/17/2021Lmao youre either just stupid or you play stupid. which is stupid too. vaccinated people can catch all forms of covid. dumbass
12/17/2021One day you will have more red than Unkle and CKP - always believe in you
12/17/2021Karma for trying
12/16/2021Big bitch, Swaggy Tits, Vax Shill!!!! We still aren't getting vaxxed. Piss off! ~ Shadow SNR
12/13/2021Here's some red for you! So stupid you're boring by now.
12/13/2021Weekly red karma drive by
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