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Swaggy T's Karma

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12/10/2021Oh my God! Are you ever fascinated with the unvaxed. Get a life and learn to live and let live you silly bitch. P.S., you're a statist pig and tyrant.
12/5/2021Asshole stirring the Bidet shit-pot.
12/5/2021Who cares what YOU understand. Fuck off
12/5/2021You're stupid
12/5/2021Soldier of satan
12/5/2021Negged. Jesus is the way and the truth.
12/4/2021Idiotic embracing of the Vax religion
12/4/2021You stupid fuck the vaxx does not stop you from getting or passing the shit. fuck off
12/4/2021Lol. You made a nice red wave of bad karma for yourself didn’t you, joepedobro. Lmfao.
12/4/2021Stupid Motherfucker
12/4/2021Fuck you idiot. go get hour deadly jab
12/4/2021I logded in just to downvote
12/4/2021Brainwashed idiot
12/4/2021Im not bypassing my god given immunity for a experamental shot
12/4/2021My body. my choice
12/4/2021Eat a dick you libtard homo
12/4/2021Coward and propagandist
12/4/2021Piece of garbage, but green cause youre trying so hard for red
12/4/2021Wake up, idiot!
12/4/2021Fucking dumbass. It's not about the virus. It's about choice.
12/4/2021I would really appreciate it if you left me some negative karma you dumb bastard. Sign it! - LSDMTHC
12/4/2021Vaxtard go overdose on Pfizer while you suck their cock
12/4/2021Hypocrite, full of own shit, you knew this was gonna happen...
12/4/2021Idiot...forcing a medical procedure to live free is not freedom.
12/4/2021Unintelligent person
12/4/2021WHAAAAAAA!!!! My vax don't work unless you all are vaxxed. WHAAAAAAAAA. Call me an Waaaambulance, cause I'm a big bitch!!!!
12/2/2021Omicron disinfo
12/2/2021What is wrong with you? Seriously ?
12/2/2021Troll. get fucked
12/1/2021Shush troll. You have no right to tell me what to put in my body.
12/1/2021Total retard
12/1/2021Eat cock pharma shill
12/1/2021You < Shit
11/28/2021F%@k off
11/28/2021Vax shill take a hike
11/28/2021Fuck you
11/28/20213. 50
11/28/2021Licking the balls of the New World Order, One scrotum at a time - that's me SwAGGY t
11/28/2021Because green is your red and you can't erase it
11/28/2021Fucking retard, shut your dumb ass up.
11/28/2021Have another shot. You can have my first, second and my booster. All yours. Enjoy.
11/28/2021You should post on deer like productions I hear 100% of the venison out there is unvaxxed and vulnerable to covid
11/28/2021Fuck off
11/28/2021I'm too good for a shot ;P
11/27/2021Stop stalking other people and stop being such a stupid selfish racist brainwashed sheep and just get your damn vaccine wear a mask and support BLM -Creme de la Crap
11/23/2021Your mom did meth in her 3rd trimester, right?
11/20/2021From Swamprat for the chip thread
11/19/2021Stupid post
11/19/2021Fucking dickhead
11/19/2021You are a POS, repeat that to yourself every night in the mirror! And then KYS with a razor!
11/19/2021For truth about victim threads. plus all the vaxxed are going to die and they will inherit the earth right !
11/18/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/18/2021Offering whores and lottery tickets for something authorized in five months with no legal liability and purchase contract withheld lol
11/18/2021You are a criminal waste of taxpayer dollars
11/18/2021Love your posts keep exposing the truth about these stupid selfish antimask antivaccine covid denying white supremacist shills.... shadow snr
11/18/2021Creme de la CRAP, Bullsh!t, Iverectum, and all his other sock accounts that keep getting banned, he decided to use Faggy T account today.
11/18/2021Swaggy twat, or is it swaggy tits?
11/18/2021You are a terrible person
11/18/2021I'm going to do you a great favor. I am going to give you some red and NOT comment on your stupid thread.
11/18/2021Already told you once...hell doesnt exist. Ezekial 18:4
11/16/2021For trolling with multiple accounts and giving yourself green, arrogant statist pig.
11/16/2021I definitely don't care about YOU.
11/16/2021You crave poop, because you are infected by the Elite Worm, take some ivermectin.
11/15/2021You're a real dick. Blaming those that didn't take the toxic mRNA treatment which is not as vax for your selfish bnehavior at Thanksgiving. May you reap the fruits of the feulence you have s
11/15/2021I'm with you mate fuck these stupid selfish racist antimask antivaccine covid denying white supremacist Karens signed mad kelly
11/14/2021OP = Low IQ
11/14/2021Stupid ass
11/14/2021Genocidal maniac, It enjoys mass murder total piece of shit
11/13/2021Move to Cuba. You'll love being controlled by the government.
11/12/2021Stupid as hell
11/12/2021You are deluded.
11/12/2021Just fuck you. That is all. YOu are a moran
11/12/2021Up your ass with the vaxx.
11/12/2021Here... It's clearly all you are striving for. ~Diesel
11/12/2021You win the stupidest person on the internet award
11/12/2021You are a mindless lobster
11/12/2021One of the derpiest idiots on here
11/12/2021Tree Fiddy Time for Swaggy T.
11/12/2021Your talking points are very dumb... herd mentality not herd immunity fuck off agency worker
11/12/2021Has to be a joke account. And if it isn't you're a fucking retard.
11/12/2021It's not a vaccine
11/12/2021Ignorant post
11/12/2021Welcome to the Vaccine Holocaust of 2021, soft-kill weapons just need a little time.
11/7/2021Just an excuse
11/7/2021Vaxx Shill
11/7/2021While I don't approve of your being a nasty axxhole who lacks all human emotion, I know that another red will just fade into the sea of reds & my point will be missed completely. GA Girl
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