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Swaggy T's Karma

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11/7/2021You are either bad at trolling or bad at life. Regardless, you suck
11/7/2021Here's some more red for you lazy post
11/7/2021Just wow
11/7/2021You are so wrong
11/7/2021Just an excuse to not work and be lazy. -Anubis
11/7/2021Shame on you. God remembers
11/7/2021Stop watching the lies on msm.
11/7/2021You < Shit
11/7/2021Money talks and bs walks.
11/7/2021Have some more red, you vax shilling pussy cocksucker! Posting as anonymous COWARD thinking you won't get RED karma. Fuck off!!!
11/6/2021Lazy bum mooching off his parents. one day i hope you grow up
11/6/2021Change your bluename to Twatty T
11/6/2021Lazy bum in momma's basement
11/6/2021Go away!!
11/6/2021Your ignorance suits you well.
11/3/2021When the worm turns
10/17/2021Have some more red, you vax shilling pussy cocksucker! Posting as anonymous COWARD thinking you won't get RED karma. Fuck off!!!
10/10/2021For working on the side of darkness. Karma is real and you are living your deeds
10/10/2021The vaccine isn't working.
10/10/2021Fucking Pharma government shill - Get your shit together mods.
10/10/2021Allow me to bless you with the red you deserve.
10/10/2021Hey bud did you just blow in from stupid town?
10/9/2021Seems you're a masochist -enjoy more red
10/9/2021Insulting people.
10/9/2021No proof? Maybe non you actually understand because you're an asshat?
10/9/2021Fuck Off And Die
10/9/2021Fuck off vax troll
10/9/2021Let me add to you red burden. Go fuck your mother. Signed Secret Ninja.
10/9/2021Eat shit homo
10/9/2021Low iq, common sense even lower
10/9/2021BANG, RED for your idendification
10/9/2021Troll bullshit.
10/9/2021Ur a crime against humanity.
10/9/2021You obsess about the unvaccined people. Mind your own business asshole.
10/9/2021Just nope
10/9/2021Fuck off
10/9/2021Maybe if you read books or something? You seem so painfully ignorant. Poor thing.
10/8/2021Just 1
10/8/2021Go suck some government ass
10/8/2021Fuck your feelings
10/8/2021Fucking cunt!
9/18/2021Have some more red, you vax shilling pussy cocksucker!
9/10/2021Fuck off already
9/10/2021This account is being used for the sole purpose of gaslighting you. Do not believe a word it posts.
9/10/2021Before you to me.
9/9/2021Have some more red, you vax shilling pussy cocksucker!
9/5/2021Dipshit shill
9/5/2021Swaggy is saggy
9/4/2021Fuk off idiot... just fuck off!
9/3/2021LIAR - you love the Gene Therapy Covid shot. Get two plus your booster. Idiot
9/3/2021Reported Abusive Post
9/3/2021Troll and division weaver
9/2/2021"drank bleach" lie
9/2/2021You've had the vaccine so whats the problem. You are protected.
9/2/2021What are you on about, fagit?
9/2/2021False info
9/2/2021Swaggy Cunt. Eat shit fuck face!
9/2/2021Angry vaxxed accuses non vax or terrorism THIS HAS GOT TO STOP
9/2/2021For setting the GLP "most lies per word count" record
9/2/2021You are the sheeple you dumbshit
9/2/2021Less then worm in a sheeps ass
9/2/2021Take your boosters
9/2/2021Fuck off shit stain
9/2/2021Paid shill
9/2/2021More red for you.
9/1/2021Women dont like YOU, shill
9/1/2021Well earned.
9/1/2021M0r3 green for mocking the left... cause you can't be this stupid for real
9/1/2021Annoying is as annoying does. Douche.
9/1/2021Stop whining
9/1/2021Sweet piñata party
9/1/2021You're retarded
9/1/2021Here, you need more of this. what a moran!
9/1/2021Being a jackass
9/1/2021Think of this as a hug
9/1/2021Idiot lib shill
9/1/2021And the horse you rode in on.
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