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Swaggy T's Karma

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9/1/2021How would you know
9/1/2021Enjoy your red Alpacca male, yea, i spelled it correctly
8/31/2021Just dumb
8/31/2021Communist Scum
8/31/2021LOL wow, are you guys getting paid by Pfizer now?
8/31/2021Fucking shill.
8/31/2021Fucking brainwashed, head up your ass, delusional bitch!!
8/31/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
8/31/2021How you like all this RED to go along with all those responses? You aren't an Alpha, you're a beta bitch!
8/31/2021This Poster Is A Gay Porn Star...Brain Damged At Birth...Probably From A Failed Abortion Attempt.
8/31/2021Just because ....
8/31/2021This is what you want, right?
8/31/2021Trinity these shills are a bit much mate
8/31/2021Shut up stupid
8/31/2021Shill bitch
8/31/2021Troll bitch
8/31/2021LMFAO. you provaxx are the furthest thing from alpha
8/31/2021You are a beta cuck
8/31/2021Spineless, frail thing
8/31/2021Vax shill. Real woman like untainted, unvaxxed men. BEEOOOOTCH
8/31/2021Go home cuckold
8/31/2021Small weenis
8/31/2021Childish trolling
8/31/2021You’re a little bitch
8/31/2021You are an incel
8/31/2021You will never be a real woman
8/31/2021Lol. nice try, jackass.
8/31/2021How deep those wounds, junior?
8/31/2021The vaccinated are spreading Covid
8/31/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
8/31/2021Complete government tool
8/31/2021For pushing lies about vaxxed men being more desired â•âˆ©â•®(Ο_Ο)â•âˆ©â​•®
8/27/2021Ban the chinese shill flith
8/26/2021Tardtraxx...some tards have it coming
8/26/2021If your shot protects you, why aren't you safe. Your reality isn't my reality. That's what a liberal, now dead, said to me. That works both ways.
8/26/2021Shut it whore
8/26/2021You're too lost to see..
8/26/2021You are what’s wrong with the world
8/26/2021Koolaid drinker
8/26/2021Shut it clown. my body my way. i dont care about you
8/25/2021Eat shit you fucking moran shill.
8/25/2021Da fuq is the point
8/25/2021You tell them Mr. Gay expert, you sure know your BBC.
8/25/2021Communist POS
8/25/2021Fuck You
8/25/2021Yeah it is....idiot
8/25/2021It is that simple
8/25/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
8/25/2021Bad logic
8/25/2021Common sense
8/25/2021Commies just love your vax attitude.
8/25/2021I don't think i know you, but you deserve a red
8/24/2021Have fun
8/24/2021Trying to push instead of respecting others
8/24/2021Let me help you get some more red.
8/24/2021Only because you Communists love red so much....
8/24/2021May you see the error in your ways when the clot hits your brain
8/24/2021Hates freedom
8/24/2021I don't care if your mom herself approved the vaccine, I'm not taking it, shill fuck. Nice LARPING, fa66ot.
8/24/2021Anti-freedom shill
8/24/2021You're a nazi
8/24/2021Blah blah blah
8/23/2021This account is being used for the sole purpose of gaslighting you. Do not believe a word it posts.
8/23/2021Narcissistic shill
8/23/2021You deserve all this red karma, vax shill girl....
8/23/2021Shill on
8/23/2021Since you enjoy red karma, here's another one for you
8/23/2021Uncle Genitals? Hahaha!
8/23/2021Evil paid shill
8/23/2021VAX cyber agent
8/23/2021Go somewhere else to troll
8/23/2021Many are called but few chosen. Sorry you weren't chosen.
8/23/2021Cancel THIS.
8/23/2021Hi there. Still waiting for you to prove evolution. Aaaand go! Oh wait, you're a fuckstick who can only echo what you're told to believe. Sorry, my bad.
8/23/2021Trusts "the science" but doesn't know how science works
8/22/2021Try a different forum - maybe one on mother jones or something
8/22/2021You don’t belong here
8/22/2021Eat Shit Commie
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