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8/21/2021Stupid and in denial about vaccines
8/21/2021Brainwashed retard. Covid is just influenza.
8/21/2021Evil person
8/21/2021Don't hate the playa, just bend him the fuck over and roll it right into his kiester. Which I just did to you. You won't last long here. Buh-bye.
8/21/2021Pharma troll you will go down soon
8/20/2021Stir the shit sir, stir the shit. :shitstir:
8/20/2021Always posting bd
8/19/2021No vax
8/19/2021Three standard deviations below idiot.
8/19/2021Great post
8/19/2021Or i am smart for not getting jab
8/19/2021Your opinion is yours. The shot won’t help. - clevercreator
8/19/2021Wrong forum boy
8/19/2021Here is some helpful red to get you the fuck outta glp as quick as possible...Fuckin loon
8/19/2021You are stupid.
8/19/2021If you get the shot you are a fucking retard
8/19/2021Many people have exposed themselves as looneys. Thats you.
8/19/2021STFU you commie ho bag bitch
8/19/2021Paid parrot of the Communist Left.
8/19/2021Covid tard. This cult has done well with the mind control. But you allowed it.
8/19/2021You should find a radio station that reads obituaries and let it play in the house so when you succomb to clotshots you can listen to the whole county not give a fuck as they tally your dead ass
8/19/2021Sucky bullshit
8/19/2021Tuskegee. Enough SAID.
8/19/2021Cunti cunt cunt
8/19/2021Fuck off
8/18/2021The Zombies in walking dead took the vaccine retard lol
8/18/2021TV show for judging reality
8/18/2021Stupid communistic premise
8/18/2021Vax nut
8/18/2021Shill Alert!
8/18/2021Vax lover
8/17/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/17/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/17/2021I believe you need some green. Too many people are against seeing ideas they might not agree with. ~ Greengrassman
8/17/2021Christ is the answer and is our King(Government)
8/17/2021'open-minded' tard
8/15/2021Go back to facebook
8/14/2021Brainwashed much lately ?
8/14/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/13/2021The vax protects u, right? retard!
8/13/2021Eat dick and enjoy the lake of fire!
8/13/2021Ha ha most red karma in 1 day ever, GLP record! Well deserved!
8/13/2021Eat a giant bag of dicks
8/13/2021Go fuck yourself
8/13/2021You are WRONG - EPH
8/13/2021More IQ in a stone than in your brain.. sad...
8/13/2021More red tard.
8/13/2021Smooth move, ExLax. I bet $12 that you will soon be deactivating your $12 monthly subscription after all this RED you brought on yourself. ~ Zovalex
8/13/2021Thats a lot of red for one day.
8/13/2021Take my meat jab if you want, retarded schill
8/13/2021Yeah it's about freedom. but it's also about not being forced to take experimental medicine you tard. wake up
8/13/2021ðð›ð¯ð¢ð¨ð​®ð¬ ð€ð’ð’ð‚ð‹ð​ð–ð ðð
8/13/2021Enjoy your endless supply of spiked proteins, moran.
8/13/2021Do you even know what freedom is??
8/13/2021GLP logic says you must be right judgment by the flak. You can tell by the pinned stories that glpers are very afraid. Everyone else has moved on.
8/13/2021Lol.shut up
8/13/2021Play this game
8/13/2021You need a double shot !!!
8/13/2021Suck it douche-canoe
8/13/2021Is taking the Mark of the Beast really worth it?!!
8/13/2021Shilling, for shame. how are things in china
8/13/2021Way worse than the vaccine....such a dumbass. Vaccine is killing people too.
8/13/2021My Body, My Choice.
8/13/2021Ban this guy lol
8/13/2021Vax troll. fuck out of it.
8/13/2021Lol, fucking loser and useless eater
8/13/2021Go chew on a dick
8/13/2021Vaxtard commie
8/13/2021You are wrong
8/13/2021Youre taking away my freedoms by complying and allowing this shit to continue. Blow me.
8/13/2021Maybe YOU should get out of the way of MY freedom, bootlicker.
8/13/2021Pathetic loser
8/13/2021You cock gobbling commie freak
8/13/2021Go fuck yourself commie cuck
8/13/2021Turn off your TV idiot
8/13/2021Go away
8/13/2021Vaccine shill or a fool. Either one is intolerable.
8/13/2021Hates humanity. should just end it bro. If you believe the hype. you're lost forever.
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