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5/12/2023Posted a thread that was pinned
2/17/2023NWO boot licking scum
1/10/2023Clearly a kiddie-fiddling nonce.
1/9/2023Uneducated, but apparently proud of it.
1/9/2023Trump did not rule by executive order
12/30/2022Dude stfu
11/17/2022Stupid post, all conjecture.
11/17/2022You braindead zombie
11/17/2022Satans helper
11/17/2022You are retarded
11/17/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
11/10/2022Red is the new green
11/9/2022Piece of shit facist
9/27/2022Go back to shillington
9/27/2022Woke Retard
9/22/2022You are a well-known shill for the war criminals in Kiev
9/19/2022Safe and effective my ass
9/13/2022Russia kicking ukienazi ass
9/13/2022Stunningly moronic moran.
9/13/2022Poor thread
9/13/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
9/13/2022Retard Wokester
9/13/2022Phuk you
9/9/2022Fucking tard
9/1/2022You need red
8/29/2022You need green.
8/29/2022What's normal to a turd like you? You're a joke.
8/29/2022Absolute spastic.
8/28/2022Nice contribution to a thread, D-BAG!
8/7/2022President Trump is living rent free in your (pin) head.
8/3/2022You must suck at parties
7/20/2022When you die from this vax, I'll be sad cause you won't realize you fucked up.
4/21/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/10/2022I am and fuck you ...
4/10/2022You’re the troll.
3/26/2022Agreed man
3/25/2022They are ghouls. god rest our souls. pool
3/25/2022Thank you for saying this. GLP should ban those posters forever.
3/17/2022Troll accuses others of being a troll, you are a joke
3/17/2022Take the dick out of your mouth and ass and you might see the truth.
3/17/2022You have your lips permanently wrapped around Biden cock. Fuckin loser Democrat stain of shit.
3/17/2022You are a lying, soulless meat bag.
3/1/2022Go choke
2/18/2022Fuck off
2/3/2022Assholes are full of shit
2/3/2022YOU are pure BS
2/3/2022You are an asshole
1/29/2022Your Suffering Will Be Legendary- Even in Hell
1/29/2022For educating the morons of GLP about HIPAA. ~ Zovalex
1/15/2022The thread was about NY not Ohio...smh
1/4/2022Shut Up Fool, your making more of an ass of yourself
12/5/2021Very negative
11/5/2021Vaxx is working...its increasing deaths
11/2/2021Fuck YOU!
11/2/2021Obviously takes it up the butt
11/2/2021There was not "violent" insurrection you asswipe
11/2/2021This dude is a dumbass.
11/2/2021Go to hell sheep.
11/2/2021Fuck off
11/2/2021Choke on a dick
11/2/2021I agree with you 100 percent comrade. Let our enemies suffer in jail. -NDFarm
11/1/2021Because you deserve it
11/1/2021Correct answer
11/1/2021Get fucked in hell dude.
11/1/2021Traitors, they are.
11/1/2021Maybe you should have thought about taking Biden's cock out of your mouth before posting, commie.
11/1/2021Fuck off you liar
11/1/2021Consider this an insurrection
11/1/2021Death is not good enough for you...
11/1/2021Worthless bag of Commie scum.
11/1/2021Red for the commie cunt
11/1/2021Hey there spook. u spendin' your government time here trying to foment lone wolf action? how much they payin' ya to shill for the devil?
11/1/2021Fucking moron
11/1/2021Twat waffle
11/1/2021Insurrection? NOT, GO TO BED JILL
11/1/2021Anti-Americsn piece of shit!
11/1/2021Communist scum
11/1/2021Let the red wash over you.
11/1/2021Phony shilling
11/1/2021Fucking douchbag
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