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7/31/2020Friday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
12/1/2019Green from Off Switch
8/17/2019Thank you for the prayers
8/4/2019For the greater good - xenophon
8/4/2019Good effort.
6/17/2019Thanks for the inspiration and boost of faith - xenophon
6/12/2019You "live" for smoking the bong. You follow "Reefer Jesus" and that's the wrong guy to follow
6/12/2019For your threads ! From Tiger1.
2/19/2019Love you!Keep on!-sum ting wong
2/2/2019Your god put this here
2/2/2019Jesus bless you! He is the living God Almighty!
1/24/2019For your encouragement....RiZE​
1/23/2019Never give up dear one. from New Heart
1/22/2019Bless you Carol B.
1/19/2019Jesus has 666 inch nipples
1/19/2019Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart - TheLordsServant
1/10/2019Green for pure thoughts :) Love Goddess
1/10/2019Matthew 5:7 Blessed are the merciful - TheLordsServant
1/2/2019Matt 5:6 Blessed are they..thirst after righteousness TheLordsServant
12/31/2018Excellent New Years message ;)
12/29/2018Beautiful message..
12/28/2018God uses the broken pieces in your life to reshape it all into a masterpiece! - xenophon
12/28/2018Keep being you. Be the change in our world you want.
12/27/2018Post -SallyNight
12/21/2018Matthew 5:4 Blessed are they that mourn - TheLordsServant
12/13/2018Good post :) - Callin
12/13/2018I appreciate your thread, and hope it helps others.
12/11/2018Matthew 5:3 Blessed are the poor in spirit - TheLordsServant
12/9/2018Peace be with you, as wellðŸŒ
12/9/2018Have a blessed week. NolaAngel
12/8/2018Hmm green for your good heart ... don't disappoint the lord
12/7/2018Here's your karma cigarette
12/7/2018Giving is the best thing anyone can do ~ Pinches cheeks ~ LittleMissDictator :D
12/7/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
12/7/2018Dace wuzz heere
12/3/2018John 3:16 For God so loved the world - TheLordsServant
11/25/2018No longer mad at God. TheLordsServant
11/22/2018For your prayers to the GLP person MySoul
11/22/2018Green for your "rejected by the world, loved by Christ" post. ~sikhed
11/17/2018Mat 6:19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth...TheLordsServa​​nt
11/13/2018Vegetarian green, White Wolf
11/9/2018Great post!
11/8/2018Praying for your cousin. Hugs! NolaAngel
11/8/2018Prayers! Alpacalips
11/8/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
11/5/2018Mt 4:17 Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. TheLordsServant
11/5/2018Cheers - C.K. Dexter Haven
11/5/2018Thank you for the compliment... ~ WOLF
11/3/2018Donkey Lips Was Here
10/27/2018Matthew 5 Blessed are....! TheLordsServant
10/26/2018Have some +rep to make up for the idiot
10/24/2018Fraust66 was here. :)
10/24/2018I love your threads ~Ice Cream
10/13/2018Poetry in motion LTHN.
10/9/2018For the prayer thread. NolaAngel
10/9/2018Love GFG
10/8/2018Spreading the truth. Fred Garvin
10/5/2018Thank you for posts of hope.
9/25/2018The voices that you hear in your head are not god....
9/25/2018Excellent thread! - Crash
9/22/2018Stop POLLUTING the forum with your religious POISON.
9/19/2018Made me smile
9/19/2018Jeebus made me do it.
9/19/2018Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
9/18/2018Good for you, all the best
9/17/2018Welcome to my ignore list...
9/16/2018Ignore. ignored. ignorance. defiance
9/12/2018For the Conviction of Sin thread. Blessings! NolaAngel
9/12/2018"I don’t quite understand what your saying." The word is you're, not your. Did you go to school?
9/11/2018Holy ghost thread---- from baloney
9/9/2018Stay strong and true.💙
9/9/2018The fumes of the holy spirit soon to be tongues of fire....saved
9/4/2018Heartwarming message of how to stay strong when you can feel a malevolent force. It seems to have taken over the whole world.
9/4/2018I have a cat that sounds much like the one you describe. Pets are amazing! Paranoiaaaaa
9/3/2018Thanks for your comment on angels.
9/3/2018Jesus bless you!
9/3/2018Keep on keepin on-JIK
9/2/2018For the grace of God thread. God Bless You! NolaAngel
9/2/2018"Jesus told me to tell you he doesn't like you." That's right, he LOVES you and he gave his life for you and me. God Bless You!
9/2/2018You are beautiful!
9/1/2018Jesus told me to tell you he doesn't like you.
8/29/2018Thanks for the reminders! Peace to you.
8/24/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
8/24/2018Jesus bless you!
8/21/2018Vegetarian karma - White Wolf
8/21/2018Love Ellusion :)
8/19/2018I always enjoy your posts. His light shines through you :)
8/18/2018Donkey Lips Was Here
8/18/2018Green because you post amazing words. LTHN.
8/15/2018Counterstrike thread
8/14/2018Never Give up on your dreams... ~Bodhi
8/10/2018Kind spirit Moss
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