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The Comedian :D's Karma

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1/14/2023The one and only, the watchmen are awaiting your return fellow anti-hero -Rorschach
11/23/2022Get in the car, we're kicking commie ass.
9/25/2022You're not answering your phone. Just want to let you know, we are still on for tonight. See ya later punk!
9/1/2022We need your humor on here to counter the negatavism of our village atheists with their east German shovel faces.
7/16/2022Where are you? - BadProgBad
7/16/2022For tearing up leftist regimes.
7/15/2022So glad I found your new hangout - Half Past Midnight
6/23/2022Have one
6/13/2022Just because
3/18/2022For Texas!
3/8/2022Place is boring without ya stirring up shit or shitheads. That's why visitors have gone way down.
2/17/2022Old times.
1/23/2022Dude, where r u?
11/29/2021Christmas green in yo stocking broda.
11/28/2021Looooong time. I hope you are well! Ayr
9/30/2021Lol where u at
9/9/2021We need you now more than ever, dude. A dribbling commie and a cameltoe have sticky fingers one inch from the button.
8/11/2021Wonderful to see you!! - Southern Deplorable
7/22/2021Green for stirring up trouble in Cuba. Is Chinra next?
5/2/2021Good man!
12/28/2020Blessings marmite wherever you are dwelling Xx msmc
10/24/2020Good man
9/30/2020For old times sake.
9/16/2020Who would ever think giving green was proper social distancing.
8/28/2020Arevaderchi, friend.
8/19/2020Good bye, boiled water. You'll be mist! --Fist in the Box
8/13/2020Your greatly missed at a time like this. No bygones will be bygones I guess.
8/1/2020Good man
7/22/2020Just because
6/25/2020Jut because!
4/21/2020Green is the cure for corona
4/13/2020Green is the color of patriotic Hulks.
4/5/2020Green for a patriot
3/28/2020Long time no see
3/17/2020Green eggs to go with your ham.
3/9/2020Always wanted to give you red as an a.c
3/9/2020Moar green
2/14/2020Miss your humor
1/15/2020Green to go with your ham.
1/3/2020We got leftist regimes to fight, soldier.
11/21/2019Twenty twenty called. Time to suit up for battle.
11/11/2019November green on a white out day.
10/29/2019Boom. Have a greenade.
10/19/2019Old friend.
10/10/2019Without you I fear this place is going the way of Surfing The Apocalypse. Oh well. It was a good sight while it lasted.
9/19/2019Come back you wanker!!!! P. Grasshopper
9/9/2019Some more.
8/25/2019It would be great to see ya here in time for the next election cycle. We have many acees in desperate need of beatings with soap.
8/8/2019Buddy list green karma trade from deplorable quantum love. Hit me back
7/29/2019Have anoda green, bro.
7/16/2019This place had napalm with you here. Friends and enemies alike made it fun. Now, meh.
7/4/2019Here ya go bro.
6/27/2019For old times sake, have anoda.
6/18/2019The correlation between you being gone and numbers down is undeniable. Miss the anger you caused like heroin... sigh.
6/18/2019Hey doll! Glad to see you back!~Fortunabeargirl​
6/13/2019Kiddy fiddler
5/30/2019I miss seeing you abuse the ac's sooo much. Wish you were back to sweep a few of the icky things into a drain or something.
5/21/2019Oh how i miss watching you devour trolls and neuter the douche bags :cheers:
5/13/2019Would do well to have ya back.
5/6/2019What happen to you?
4/23/2019Some more
4/14/2019For spite
4/1/2019From a greeniac.
3/29/2019Come back
3/22/2019Cheers - Blag Dahlia
3/13/2019Green from MnB15 :)
2/17/2019Hi from Ralph--a house dog
2/16/2019Vomitus maximus
2/6/2019All those wanting u back either don't know about your pedo past, or they're pedos too?
1/26/2019Red pill, blue pill, black pill. How about a green pill.
1/15/2019In real life, you made Ozymandus get on his knees, open his mouth and. . . pray.
1/6/2019Brother in arms against leftist regimes.
12/28/2018Bestest fun this site ever had. If you came back it would be popular again.
12/18/2018Hi Comedian!! -MnB15
12/15/2018We await your return.
11/27/2018Come back, dude!
11/3/2018We want u back!
10/26/2018Green for a noble lion of conservatism
10/7/2018You're back, Pedo?
10/7/2018Happy Days! -- Wolf 1776
10/2/2018Green for a warrior. Only Democrats, Neocunts and Libs who give red are baby fuckers.
10/1/2018How many sites you been kicked off now you kiddy fiddler
9/29/2018Hey bud
9/22/2018Where ya at, Pedo
9/17/2018Green enough to make a socialist bitch cwy snot bubbles. You were a good man.
9/11/2018Glp is so much better without you. pedo.
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