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12/4/2019Nice link thanks!....Don D.
11/7/2019Qreenage Lance from BC
11/6/201993 days you retard--what the fuck is so hard to understand??? /WBW
10/24/2019Q exoerience! great ---sloonie
9/29/2019Q Not Sure
9/14/2019BBQ Boy was here
9/12/2019For that Metropolis AV ~thinking...
9/3/2019Fuckin' snowflake.
8/30/2019Fucking moran!
8/22/2019Great link!! Thank you for sharing! Hugs~Evangelina
8/16/2019Epstein for 2020! You for Dumbass 2020 and Beyond! LOL!
8/9/2019Hahaha helicopters
7/9/2019Hey Doom. Ukko
5/26/2019BBQ Boy was here
4/27/2019Some green to aid in upgradin....Lance from BC
4/27/2019Karma Towards Upgrade - BBQ Boy
3/31/2019Deep was here
3/4/2019TY for your support on the Argha Noa Thread! O'sCookie
2/9/2019Green karma for the 5 pointed star pentagram, point facing down = satanic, in your avatar. xD - TDP2
1/2/2019Wwwowwa...lol Billy Ringo. So sad--but true
12/28/2018Trump bump :)
12/25/2018Red karma for the 5 pointed star pentagram, point facing down = satanic, in your avatar.
12/16/2018Cool avatar//name
10/31/2018The Sorcer syas...Lance from BC
9/28/2018Branging ConSpiracy back to GLP
8/30/2018Infinite Love! ~ A Friend
5/1/2018You earned it
5/1/2018Ditty dumb dumb
3/27/2018Fo da EggMcDidntdonuffin
1/29/2018For a smile on a Monday ~ A Friend
12/24/2017Merry Christmas. Ukko
6/16/2017Cock boi
11/28/2016Can't you see? It is a triangle beneath an arrow pointing down. Why go down to the place of the grave? Arise! To the Heavens child of God.
9/29/2016Cool picture. Are you a lightbringer?
9/10/2016Demonic avatar.
7/7/2016Ya really need to remove your demonic avatar man
5/11/2016Post some more guitar vids! -- filth
2/8/2016Juvenile and embarrassing
2/3/2016A Friend
1/31/2016Bad taste for words.
1/27/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/15/2016Its AN anit. Not A anti. Fail first grade English did ya?
1/11/2016Good point -VA
1/7/2016Hi Smarmy! ~ A Friend
1/5/2016Oh thats right!
1/5/2016Green kindness-Lionels Love
1/4/2016LOL love the avitar from the ketteh with soul to soul nose!
1/4/2016Funny comment on ultrasound
1/4/2016Yer funny, I should know - The Comedian
1/3/2016Thanks Bradd Pitt Stain
1/3/2016Thanks for talking logic in the BURNS thread -- Jack
1/3/2016Put this shit in your pants, sit, and spin on it
1/3/2016Bad form
1/3/2016Fixed it for you too....RED
1/1/2016Hebrews are evil
12/25/2015Thanks for the green.
12/23/2015Cutest av - Lionels Love
12/20/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/20/2015Endave ( o )===:::

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