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sergio's Karma

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9/6/2011Cool related thread thingy!
9/6/2011Thank you !. I love , love, love the related threads feature.
9/6/2011Thanks for the good work with related threads!
9/6/2011You are the man!
9/6/2011For site improvements
9/6/2011Great job! - STT
9/6/2011Great web design work! Thanks:)
9/6/2011Good job Sergio! kc
9/6/2011For doing it again!
9/6/2011Great Work Thank You :)
9/6/2011Because you're a computer wizard
9/6/2011Another Great job ~ you're the Man(~)
9/6/2011Mo Kahma fo Serg da man!!!!
9/6/2011Imba work on GLP!
9/6/2011You dam an!
9/6/2011Awesome work!
9/6/2011For make GLP even BETTER!!!!
9/6/2011Herrhumm....Good work...Take a break
9/6/2011Nice new feature
9/6/2011Great work as always!!!
9/6/2011Thanks for related thread feature!
9/6/2011Thanks for the new related posts forum feature
9/6/2011Awesome feature addition!!! Thank you!
9/6/2011Because you create awesome upgrades.
9/6/2011Because you deserve it thats why
9/6/2011Keep up the great work
9/6/2011Related threads feature is pretty nifty!
9/6/2011Great new feature
9/6/2011Threads options are sweet!
9/6/2011Nice work
9/6/2011General Awesomeness
9/6/2011Great job at GLP
9/6/2011Great job!!
9/6/2011White hat ~Aphrodite~
9/6/2011For the "related threads" feature
9/5/2011'cause you're sergio
9/5/2011For speed NUT
9/4/2011For all you do this Karma is for you! Much Peace from 11.11.11
9/1/2011Only Me <3's Your Hard Work!!!
8/31/2011Great new features, keep it up!
8/30/2011Thank you for the time you have put into the updates!
8/30/2011Good on ya Serg...
8/29/2011U da man!
8/29/2011Great job! Thanks
8/29/2011Instant Load, good Job :-)
8/29/2011Thanks for aiding in optimizing this site's code(s) so it'll load faster. Getting less "Reset connection" errors over here too.
8/29/2011Nice job!
8/29/2011Thanks for the support!
8/29/2011PH0R j00R L337 pR09R4/\/\/\/\1|\|9 5|<1LLZ.
8/29/2011I heard you love good karma
8/29/2011Karma for you! And you dont even post threads lol
8/29/2011Kicking ass!
8/29/2011Excellent load times - great optimization - Sergio is da man!
8/29/2011You are the bomb! nice I/T work!! thanks so much....
8/29/2011For all your hard work on the site. Thanks Sergio!
8/29/2011Great work!!!Keep It Up
8/29/2011You the man!
8/29/2011Great j8b
8/29/2011Thank you Sergio for being a part of glp.
8/29/2011Thanks for Keeping GLP great! -dilke
8/29/2011Good Job on the site work!
8/29/2011Like lightning bolts of doom!!!!
8/29/2011PHP god
8/29/2011Making the site dope
8/29/2011For your work on server
8/29/2011Speeding up glp
8/29/2011He's awesome
8/29/2011For services to GLP xx
8/29/2011For all the sic new features on glp. Great job man!
8/29/2011Very appreciative of all your hard work & contributions. ~Jane Smith
8/29/2011Don't erase your bad karma... it looks bad
8/29/2011Da master!
8/29/2011For such a great job on the site +1
8/29/2011Job well done!
8/29/2011For the fastness ! Keep up the good work
8/29/2011Speed of site
8/29/2011Cause you da man!!!!
8/28/2011Thank you for your work here at glp :)
8/28/2011Well deserved.
8/28/2011More gratitude and appreciation for all you do!
8/28/2011Awsome Coding
8/28/2011Trinity asked and I agreed
8/28/2011Hooking a brother up!
8/28/2011Good tabs job!
8/28/2011ADC Karma
8/28/2011I owe you good karma for not fucking up GLP. thanks.
8/28/2011Superb, Sergio!!
8/28/2011Keep up the good work
8/27/2011Thanks for the ignore list. That is the best.
8/27/2011Good web design!
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