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sergio's Karma

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8/27/2011Ur the master of ur domain MUAH
8/27/2011Your Programming skills are making interfacing easier
8/27/2011For doing a great job. :)
8/27/2011Great tabs. MrCash
8/27/2011Becouse your work is great!
8/27/2011The boss say u need it!
8/27/2011Great Coding: Revguard
8/27/2011Because Sergio kicks ass
8/27/2011I appreciate his work coding
8/27/2011Gracias dude!
8/27/2011Serge great job 2 thumbs up. Are you gonna be able to implement the safe mode button?
8/27/2011Cuz u rok
8/27/2011Thumbs up! Improvements are excellent!
8/27/2011For all your hard work bro....(:-DeeZe
8/27/2011Good job!!
8/27/2011The new tabs
8/27/2011Sergio baby you rock. NY - queens herefrom EleKtroN
8/27/2011Html 5 bro
8/27/2011Thanks Sergio
8/27/2011Thanks for updated toolbar - nutsmctaffy
8/27/2011Thanks brother nutramac
8/27/2011Great coding, man. Thx.
8/27/2011Great job coding!
8/27/2011I'm Nothing Without You!
8/27/2011I'm loving the karma, ain't got a negative vote yet. Thanks.
8/25/2011Coding and stuff
8/24/2011Thank you for all the new features!!! ~~CF~~
8/24/2011Will work for karma
8/24/2011Look. I'm eating my own head.
8/24/2011Does good things
8/24/2011Love the new features- thanks!
8/23/2011You rock
8/23/2011Thanks for your time and work.
8/23/2011Good job
8/23/2011Oh, HAWS YES, for Sergio Karma! M-O-O-N, that spells You Betcha!
8/23/2011All work and no play..
8/23/2011Thanks Sergio! Your work is very appreciated.
8/23/2011For all the good stuff flowing from his fingers
8/23/2011Out of respect
8/23/2011Pee wee herman!!!!
8/23/2011Good work!!!! : )
8/23/2011You are a true webmaster :)....Andariel.
8/23/2011If I could give you five just for the ignore thing, I would!
8/23/2011Thanks for all your hard wok. GREAT JOB!
8/23/2011For cool new unpin and anti troll features. Woo hoo!!
8/23/2011You're a coding god :) Thank you for all of your hard work!
8/23/2011Awesome job....
8/22/2011Thanks from Fatal. Cool stuff bro
8/22/2011Kudos to the best
8/22/2011Cause I can --From RT
8/22/2011Sergio is da man!
8/21/2011For the awesome improvements to GLP!
8/21/2011Good idear
8/21/2011Thank you for doing hard work for this forum. i appreciate hard work. tinygreen.
8/21/2011Rock on! Thanks for all your work on GLP. We love ya! -SoM
8/21/2011Thanks for everything you do .... cibrell
8/21/2011Well done
8/21/2011Nice job brotha
8/21/2011Way to go Sergio!
8/21/2011Just because
8/20/2011For just being Epic.
8/20/2011Thanks from bornofmaya
8/20/2011Great work, Sergio. The Karma system rocks.
8/20/2011Positive contributions to the collective good!
8/20/2011Thank you for writing the karma code!!! awesome work
8/20/20111 great jub S.
8/20/2011Deserves it
8/20/2011Creating Karma deserves Good Karma - TY ;) JimBomB
8/20/2011Implementing the karma and help with the website, it was needed!!
8/20/2011Thank you very much for the hard work you put into GLP! XOXXO
8/20/2011For being such a good administrator. :)
8/20/2011For doing a great job
8/20/2011Because you are my best friend!
8/19/2011Sergio YOU ROCK!! Thanks for all your hard work. It's definately appreciated by so many people for more reasons that just shits and giggles on an internet forum.!! <3
8/14/2011Nice work 8)
8/13/2011Remember me box on banned login page... FINALLY!!! Yay! LOL
8/13/2011Sergio Kicks Ass.
8/12/2011Sergio makes the board do wonderful things
8/12/2011Awesome system!!!
8/12/2011Because Trinity told us to lol
8/12/2011Ka and Ka-tet. Positive karma
8/12/20115 sergio
8/12/2011Great job !
8/12/2011Because the creator of Karma deserves Karma, Domminicus Maximus
8/12/2011Karma Code
8/12/2011Because he is just godlikegenius xD <3
8/12/2011Very cool!!! Hopefully this will tame down the loonies here. lol
8/12/2011For creating the Ratings system
8/12/2011What an awesome idea!
8/12/2011Awesome Job!
8/12/2011Why, the karma code of course!!! Great idea!
8/12/2011For creating the karma system for GLP, job well done.
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