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5/4/2018GREEN FOR YAA! -ConspiracyUndergroun​d | YT
9/19/2016Thanks for always approaching things from an unbiased perspective.
7/25/2016I can still hear how stupid you are echoing a week later
7/15/2016You're an idiot
7/5/2016You really are ignorant
6/26/2016From Ralph--a house dog
6/26/2016Hugs from MW!
6/26/2016Reported Abusive Post
6/26/2016Cuz moo tard
6/24/2016Reported Abusive Post
6/23/2016I agree with you. - Factual Error
6/23/2016You are an idiot with your culling statements. you and your ilk make me want to puke. do some research about your feeble minded thoughts....
6/23/2016Agreed - overpopulation IS an issue that should be dealt with.
6/23/2016Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
6/22/2016Hilarioush - B@Z
6/22/2016I see you still have the diarrhea of the mouth, constipation of the brain affliction.
6/22/2016Wish war upon yourself
6/22/2016From AdHocBOHICA
6/21/2016Fuck off
6/20/2016Love your comment about the hand grenade in the Survival Salad thread, lol! Have a great night- ScarlettOHell
6/20/2016Lots of love to you :) 141
6/20/2016Can't save you either troll agent asshole
6/20/2016WTH??!! Encouraging a suicidal person???? Special place in hell for people like you.
6/19/2016Embracing oddities indeed! /Kalles Kaviar
6/19/2016Go fuck yourself cunt
6/19/2016A vicious and deceptive tool. Her purposes are unkown, but she is a DECEIVER
6/19/2016You're a sick and twisted shill, I'm sure you got off encouraging the suicidal guy just like sending your MIL off in a canoe, how many others have you helped along?
6/19/2016You are one very evil sick twisted reptile you know this right? Encouraging someone to commit suicide? I hope all of GLP sees this and repeats the red
6/19/2016Agree with your thoughts on Muslims- And you used to or still play GW? I have a necro named Succinyl Choline. Love that game.... Welcome to GLP!! _---- Starrynytes
6/19/2016"NWO shill", He's right, you know
6/19/2016Always love your comments. Wish more people were as versed, as you are, in the horror that is Islam - Eireann~
6/18/2016Look, some hapless tards gave you green. Back in the red you go!
6/18/2016Why are you here? You're really dumb.
6/18/2016Hi Nikki! Nice to see you on the Trump threads. Your new Avatar looks like "Village Of The Damned" all grown up! from Eggcellent
6/18/2016You look good in red, you sellout.
6/18/2016OK Brandy! nit wit!
6/17/2016To counteract for the underserved red :-) ~bluespirit~
6/17/2016Welcome to GLP!
6/17/2016Thanks for articulate updates on Midlothian Bevers Case, Green 4 u!
6/16/2016Thanks for green...InYerNeck
6/14/2016Well said.
6/14/2016Love GFG
6/13/2016Wow, you spoke with lucidity: "can't wait for police. prepare for personal safety."
6/13/2016It's a blast watching Buster1 tearing it up in the threads! lol
6/13/2016A good post, finally.
6/13/2016The stupid never stops with you
6/13/2016Learn to stfu, troll
6/13/2016U need some green- Hard Eight
6/13/2016You're Welcome.
6/12/2016Good reply, nikki knows whats up
6/12/20161 great observation.... ~ANP
6/11/2016Glad to see you are firmly in the red now, Muzzie lover
6/9/2016You look great in red.
6/9/2016Your weekly dose
6/9/2016You are an asshole Nikki girl
6/9/2016From Ralph--a house dog
6/9/2016Benghazi. You're an asshole. Fuck you.
6/9/2016Seriously idiotic comment.
6/9/2016Why are you like this
6/8/2016Is that a penis in your avatar? I'm giving you red for violating the terms of service, and rules of the forum. That being no nudity in photos. You sick pervert. Think of the chirrens
6/7/2016THank you :) - Lisa*Lisa
6/7/2016As far as CIA ops go, you have no clue. be warned
6/7/2016Splat* YanceyDoodleDandy
6/6/2016Dang girl. Have some green. Superduper
6/6/2016NWO shill
6/6/2016You are hateful and disgusting...stfu
6/5/2016You are a shit talking troll
6/4/2016Your weekly red
6/2/2016Wont shut up
6/1/2016Incoming greenery "catch" phrase... lol. ANP
5/31/2016Because you would let some FUCKING DIE because of "eww".
5/31/2016I'm also married to an abusive asshole. Alcohol is his drug of choice. I am working up the courage to leave him. ~Patient Grasshopper
5/31/2016Your friend
5/31/2016Fuck off bot
5/31/2016Yes, they are. Love, Lisa*Lisa
5/30/2016Here's some green to hold you over until next week!
5/30/2016You are the biggest cunt here.
5/30/2016Parks really? wow
5/30/2016Suck a dick.
5/29/2016Weather patterns influence
5/29/2016Thank you for your Woodstock input! Who is Blue Fairy
5/27/2016Green for you. childofather
5/26/2016Have some red bitch
5/26/2016Your "Eileen" joke was rude and ignorant.
5/26/2016Ty for your comments. I believe we must finally be very close to an event of great hell happening. my god it is really happening out there! izzybeth
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