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12/30/2017He is saying pedophiles are to be excused
2/3/2017Pedophiles all ova da place
11/3/2016You are a useless eater
11/3/2016That means you're an imbecile and you should shut up now
11/3/2016Permaban here you come...
11/2/2016Falling for hitlery lies
11/2/2016For not falling for the trump bullshit.
11/2/2016Nobody is interested in your dreams..
11/2/2016Fuck Off!!!!
11/2/2016Earning the Red like a Hillary Champ. Congrats!
11/2/2016Get a hobby, faggot.
11/2/2016Hillary is a Cunt And You Are Her Bitch
11/2/2016One cloer to permaban! ;)
11/2/2016Ramen shit
11/2/2016At least be an entertaining troll. dumbass
11/2/2016Thats exactly what I would expect from someone who is a self proclaimed "Ramen Expert" Go eat your plastic noodles and fuck off kidfucker
11/2/2016FO and die pido lover
11/2/2016Obviously you are removed from reality
11/1/2016Go buy a $3.50 box of rat poison and eat it.
11/1/2016Liberal hippy scum that deserves AIDS from a giant black jail mate
11/1/2016Please. Eat Ramen everyday. O.K. It'll be good for you
11/1/2016Looks like you needed one
11/1/2016Obvious paid shill is obvious
11/1/2016Tree fiddy
10/31/2016Take your noodles and fuck off
10/31/2016Shit expert
10/28/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/28/2016Stalking christian preachers...sick boy sick. You need help.
10/26/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/26/20163. 50
10/26/2016Traitors get red...dumb fucker
10/26/2016Weekly from now on for you HILLARY SHILL DOUCEBAG!
10/22/2016Lil green to cheer up your day
10/21/2016I'm surprised your love doll hasn't filed for divorce already.
10/21/2016Death row....death row....death....row..​..
10/20/2016You're in the wrong forum. Research "critical thinking", which you lack. That and acting like an adult.
10/20/2016Worry about yourself
10/20/2016Anti-gun commie bastard
10/20/2016Grab yourself by the pussy.
10/20/2016Cock expert
10/19/2016Tsk tsk
10/19/2016Its good you dont own one
10/19/2016You are a pussy and should stay in your mothers basement.
10/19/2016You desperately need an education on Japan and ninjas, man.
10/19/2016More red for the retard
10/19/2016Retarded Moran!
10/18/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/1/2016Chelsea is a satan worshipping pig, just like her evil mother!
9/27/2016Favorit toy thread>>MarPep
9/25/2016I like you Ramen Expert - Fat Cat
9/20/2016Fuck the Clintons
9/20/2016You are an ASS
9/20/2016Your name on Grindr is Buttplug? Gross.
9/13/2016Hillary... iz dat u? go take a nap!
9/13/2016Here, have some more red. You seem to like it Hillary bootlicker.
9/11/2016Hillary says she wants you to vote for Trump
9/11/2016I like you, Ramen expert :) -Phoenix
9/11/2016Trump said hey
9/11/2016Something tells me red on this site means you're on to something... Just wanted to let you know we're not all idiots on here - <3 Rubatosis
9/11/2016Hillary Shill!
9/11/2016Head deep in Hillary's crusty vagina
9/11/2016You are a fucking retarded hillary shill.
9/11/2016Hillary fan loser
9/11/2016Wow, you asked for this one hope the bitch dies sooner than later. all naturaly, just dead
9/11/2016Wanting us to vote for Hildebeast...gtfo
9/8/2016Have some red.
8/21/2016Play Doh Expert
8/21/2016More than u have done with your worthless life
8/21/2016Crawl back into Hillary's ass
8/21/2016Quit making stuff up
8/21/2016Tsk tsk
8/21/2016Feckin' eejit
8/18/2016Trump tRump trUmp truM trumP, because fuck Hillary.
8/18/2016Don't quit your day job.
8/17/2016Fucking Tard.
8/10/2016Happy Wednesday -asymptote
8/3/2016I only come into your stupid threads to give you one star. You suck.
8/1/2016Disinfo agent
8/1/2016What a fucking asshole you are!
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