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Mr Tibbs's Karma

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3/3/2021Thanks for green! Hope you're doing well! C-Voyant
3/1/2021Guess my name
3/1/2021Green for the ides of march - grove street -
3/1/2021Good to see you back Green Des
2/28/2021Nice to see you
2/16/2021Green to you Mr tibbs- zzcat
2/16/2021C-Voyant was here!
2/16/2021Hope you and yours are blessed - grove street
2/16/2021What are you doing back...lol...Lance
2/14/2021Just lettng you know...the Republic is rising! Trey
2/5/2021Hope U stop by occasionally! If I ever get to Perth, we can share an Iron Jack (or whatever) G'day Mate ~ Pine Marten
2/5/2021Farewell green. I will miss your posts. God Bless
2/5/2021Thanks. Sorry to see you leave...but I get it. I still have faith that the best is yet to come, but it is so draining...Peace out.
2/5/2021Please read my post to you on pg 7693. Thank you patriot - o7 -Luminous Epinoia
2/4/2021Best wishes. Texas size hug to you. Brief Candle
2/4/2021Great post
2/4/2021God bless you Mr. Tibbs! I still think Trump will be President soon! bigD
2/4/2021Blessings to you and yours - grove street
2/4/2021Understand you well brother! Always enjoyed your posts and thoughts! I too have refrained from posting much for same reasons. C-Voyant...Always keep fighting the good fight!
2/4/2021See Ya on the other side Tahoe Green!
1/28/2021Its not over yet - grove street
1/27/2021GITMO green
1/27/2021Green to you Mr Tibbs - zzcat
1/21/2021Thank you for your inspiration. God bless
1/21/2021Green - grove street
1/20/2021Wwg1wga /wbw
1/19/2021Mr. Tibbs- thank you for your heartfelt and tireless support of POTUS. Your posts always inspire me. No matter what happens, you have made a huge positive contribution to many people- from Medexam
1/19/2021Green for you my friend, I'm still around...just lurking and keeping hope alive! C-Voyant
1/19/2021Hugs and Love ~ three little lambs
1/15/2021Great line..." its not an inauguration,it's a Takeover
1/14/2021Never apologise for what what you believe
1/14/2021Q green---sood rant! thx--sloonie
1/13/2021Green - grove street...its all coming together
1/12/2021You are definitely wonderful people in this world! Chia
1/11/2021People give up way too easily. I hope that changes also. WWG1WGA
1/10/2021Green! The man from Aus. stares out to sea and sees the problem ~Pine Marten
1/9/2021Some ell deserved GREEN for you brother!!! Hello Down Under... ~SWOOPSTER~
1/9/2021I'm looking forward to that too....Just a Mom
1/9/2021Me Too mr Tibbs! me Too! /wbw
1/7/2021Green from Renaissance Woman. I appreciate your qontributions.
1/6/2021Love your posts. -Marvelanne
1/6/2021Thanks for well stated post - zzcat
1/6/2021Green - grove street
1/6/2021Very well said. I usually just make myself look like an ass
1/4/2021Mr Tibbs, you da best! WWG1WGA. Chia
1/1/2021Wishing you a prosperous and healthy New Year! C-Voyant
12/31/2020Happy New Year, Mr. & Mrs. Tibbs! -alwaysme
12/31/2020Green 4 a New Year! Happy 2021 to you and yours! ~ Pine Marten
12/29/2020Trey was here...happy new year
12/29/2020Green blessings to a fellow worldwide patriot - grove street
12/27/2020Happy New Year! Guess
12/26/2020December green to Mr. Tibbs. Thank you for encouragement.
12/25/2020Merry Merry
12/24/2020Merry Christmas to you and the Mrs! Hugs from Pepperroni
12/23/2020Christmas green for ya! C-Voyant
12/22/2020This needs to be on a t-shirt
12/22/2020Green, Merry Christmas, Mate. 2021 Will be Great! ~ Pine Marten
12/22/2020Green Hugs ~ Three Little Lambs
12/22/2020Thank you for your truth bombs. they are appreciated on the Qanon thread.
12/22/2020Merry Christmas...Trey
12/22/2020Holiday blessings - grove street
12/14/2020Patriot green from C-Voyant!
12/13/2020Green blessings - grove street
12/7/2020Pearl Harbor Day Green from Pine Marten!!!
12/7/2020Patriot green from C-Voyant!
12/3/2020Green for Biden's dog
11/30/2020Green blessings - grove street
11/29/2020Patriot green from C-Voyant!
11/28/2020Trey was here
11/26/2020Praying for your and beloved Australia. much love. Pepperroni
11/24/2020Patriot green 4 U - GrudgeMonkey
11/21/2020Patriot green - grove street
11/21/2020Patriot green from C-Voyant!
11/21/2020Green for your thoughts
11/20/2020True they Demons
11/20/2020Trey was here...
11/17/2020Stop the Steal Green 4 U, Stay strong my friend~ Pine Marten
11/14/20202 grown men with tears in their eyes over another full growan man Lance from BC
11/13/2020Love your perceptions of what is going on here, and your willingness to share. Prayers that your country, the US and the world, all win the battle over evil. Nieka
11/12/2020Patriot green from C-Voyant!
11/12/2020Green blessings - grove street
11/10/2020Trey was here
11/8/2020Green for you from fred1981
11/8/2020Thank you Mr. Tibbs for understanding my fears ....Miss P
11/5/2020Have a great day! It's all going to work out.
11/4/2020Green, You know, the color thing! ~ Pine Marten
11/2/2020Let's hope for a great rest of week Mr. Tibbs! C-Voyant
11/1/2020Beautiful post supporting USA- from Medexam
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