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mr jenzie's Karma

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3/16/2019Have some more theatre
3/16/2019A little theatre never hurt anyone except you moron
3/14/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/14/2019Yea jack off.. Duh.. Your wet dream country.. Go there and live.
3/12/2019For brexit MySoul
3/12/2019Go away snaggletooth brit
3/11/2019Damn. I forgot about you AGAIN. Thanks for the reminder. Trump bump :)
3/11/2019Waste ur time some more, creep!
3/9/2019Nope, intentional, bc leftists are insane and violent.
3/9/2019So you want to call us dimwits. Some red for you!!
3/8/2019Awesome 9/11 joke dude ~Wharf
3/6/2019Good point,it is lame,but still RED for you
3/3/2019If I wanted any shit out of you I'd squeeze your head.
3/1/2019You just beg for red, don't you, I'll give you all you want.
2/25/2019Asshole, fucker.
2/22/2019Asshole, probably English.
2/21/2019You got a full rack of red for being an ignorant bigot.
2/18/2019Jerkoff liberal
2/15/2019Sheriffs are for defending the Constitution of their constiuents
2/13/2019Fuckkkkkkkk You Shit Eater!
2/11/2019Capitalism occurs when Mr Jenzie swallows. Corporatism occurs when he chooses to drip some back into his boyfriends mouth. Socialism occurs when he has to pass it around to his other friends.
2/9/2019There is something wrong with you
2/8/2019Absolutely. Why Not. Not even close to liberal obsurdity
2/8/2019No One Cares
2/7/2019For being a wonk
2/6/2019That's racism
2/5/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/5/2019Grow up
2/2/2019No place for hate
1/30/2019A green because you are right and my Dad was a coal miner then later a coal mine supervisor. Very hard work for anyone
1/30/2019Red 4 life
1/30/2019Only giving you red to see if you can get all the way left. You can do It!!
1/30/2019You really suck
1/30/2019Found the trash bag....
1/30/2019You must really like red karma
1/30/2019Orange Man Bad
1/30/2019Open your eyes, stupid cunt
1/30/2019Fuck your Queen! How do you like your cultural enrichment?
1/30/2019From the ginger bread man.\
1/29/2019You have more red than me!
1/25/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/25/2019It's moran, not moron. DERP
1/25/2019It was uncalled for
1/24/2019Did not use the vernacular moran
1/24/2019Leaving On A Jet Planne !!
1/24/2019Fuck off cunt.
1/23/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/23/2019For some really shitty Chile Con Carne
1/22/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/21/2019For being such a persistant asshole. ~Donald Trump.
1/21/2019OMG stupid
1/18/2019Jews are filthy war mogering bastards!!!
1/16/2019Das right
1/11/2019Looks like you need some Red..you british are strange people!
1/11/2019Stop mouthing off wanker...your no hardman
1/10/2019Queen Mum Commands Meeee
1/9/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/9/2019Liberal douchebag
1/7/2019Soon you will have number 1 red spot, i'm helping you reach your goal.
1/7/2019Lower than whale shit you filthy fucking muzzie cocksuckin faggot POS MF'er
1/7/2019Even ANTIFA rejected for being to gay
1/5/2019Utterly stupid
1/5/2019Good News !!
1/5/2019Licked any muzzy buttholes lately?
1/5/2019Trump bump :)
1/5/2019Racist Dick
1/5/2019Fuck off
1/5/2019This guy is a big Trump supporter! MAGA! Trump 2020!
1/4/2019Earth to retard: Commander in chief can sign executive orders and is responsible for the safety of the country.
1/4/2019Did you mean you want Ocasia Cortez to fuck your face? Eeww! Are you a desperate dude?
1/4/2019One more for the road. You're welcome, hated one.
1/3/2019Department of corrections
1/2/2019Bacause you want red. lil fag
12/31/2018High ranking member of the Free Shit Army. GET FUCKED, ya freeloading asshole.
12/31/2018"GLP AT IT'S FINEST" stick to comments like that one
12/31/2018Ive taken shits with higher IQ's than you. Fucking retarded buck-toothed cross-eyed hunch-backed stinky-ass motherfucker. Go take your face for a shit. LOL
12/30/2018Just die already you proud slave
12/30/2018Poster sucks
12/30/2018Shilly McShillerson - make ur own thread to troll, dickface
12/30/2018Illegal alien rapist apologist
12/30/2018You're almost at a full bar of red...you've almost won the prize of a perma-ban when the bar is full!
12/30/2018Bull shit
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