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mr jenzie's Karma

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5/27/2020You shouldnt say that about yourself
5/27/2020Ahhhh wut a lil bitch wahahahahahah
5/27/2020What a Little Fucking Biatch
5/27/2020What a Little Fucking Biatch
5/27/2020You are a little fucking bitch
5/27/2020For being a little biatch
5/27/2020Ah, a professional troll from Cuckville, Britain... Imagine that. You are as yellow as the day is long.
5/23/2020The amount of red you have shows you're onto something
5/19/2020Eat shit
5/16/2020Here, more red for you. British cunt.
5/13/2020Idiot lib
5/10/2020Bootlicking cunt, you are.
5/10/2020I agree
5/10/2020F u
5/10/2020Just die already
5/9/2020Well deserved
5/6/2020Almost there cocksucker
5/6/2020Go fuck yourself
5/6/2020Have some green
5/6/2020You’re a disgusting human being
5/6/2020Your mum should have flushed when you came sliding out her arse.
5/5/2020Go Fuck Yourself!
5/5/2020Poor wittle snaggle tooth prisoner with no freedom and no rights
5/5/2020You will cry more, trany
5/5/2020TEN SECONDS of actual tom - I know right!
5/5/2020Balls deep into your mouth
4/25/2020For being a sleezeball
4/14/2020Commie cocksucker
4/13/2020Boris is your daddy
4/11/2020Thanks for posting in my woke thread, from savcash
4/10/2020Rotten tooth limey bastard
4/7/2020Op eats shit
4/7/2020Some green to offset all that red
4/7/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/7/2020Idiot NWO SHILL
3/29/2020Riding you out on red.
3/4/2020For an EPIC breakfast idea....~Wharf Rat
3/4/2020Totally relative comment
2/22/2020You need more red
2/17/2020Ya sed gimmee red-here ya go---dik
2/17/2020Lampshades. Tardigrades. Protons. Tyres. Penises.
2/16/2020Stop and frisk this thing poking you in the eyeball.
2/16/2020Painfully stupid.
2/14/2020To lighten the mood
2/7/2020MAGA that’s why
2/7/2020You need more red
2/5/2020Bad karma for all the lies you leftists spew.
2/3/2020You suck so much....everything you say is just bad...i even hate to waste a Karma vote on you ..
2/2/2020You said oopsey daisy! :) Sloane
1/26/2020Yes, I do concur, sir. You are a most loathsome pukestain on a dogs foul turd. Now, good day!
1/25/2020I'm helping to make you win the red karma all time high. you're a fucking puke stain on dog shit. good day.
1/24/2020Have you been an asshole all of your life or is this a new affliction?
1/23/2020Thanks Limey
1/21/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/19/2020Flares of GREEN..Someday they will be known..TAI
1/14/2020Might as well, since this is a comedy forum
1/9/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/8/2020You suck
1/8/2020Ever consider why you have so much Red Karma? It's because you're a proper cunt.
1/8/2020Trump bump :)
1/7/2020Pfft what a waste of oxygen
1/6/2020Divorced from reality
1/6/2020You are from Iran, we will destroy your ass
1/4/2020Go fuck yourself
12/31/2019Don't buy a gun; just don't impose your will on law abiding citizens.
12/30/2019Amazing thread
12/23/2019For upsetting trumptards - xenophon
12/18/2019Go fuck another goat.
12/18/2019Trump shits in your mothers mouth 2020
12/16/2019You suck serious dick, everytime you comment
12/12/2019The Original Mind
12/5/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/5/2019Have some more jackass
12/4/2019I hope your nipples shrivel up and turn black then fall off. fuck you
12/1/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/14/2019Mean, nasty and uncalled for
11/11/2019I think you're hilarious. - New Age Scam Artist
11/6/2019Green for your Tulsi Comment! ~A Oakley
10/21/2019Likes his brothers fat cock up his loose ass. Reminds him of childhood.
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