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mr jenzie's Karma

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10/14/2019He He !!
10/11/2019Nearly there
10/10/2019You suck....since you dont like HAM STICK UP YOUR ASS...
10/2/2019Idiot, as usual
9/30/2019Enjoy some more red , fruitcake
9/29/2019Morning muz
9/25/2019You're right...it's closer to $150 million as of the latest Forbes rating
9/19/2019Hypocrite, you'd care if it was a conservative in black face.
9/18/2019For being RED KARMA GOLD MEDALIST!!!
9/18/2019You are the coolest motherfucker on this site!
9/10/2019Slime ball
9/10/2019Another stupid comment from dumn cunt of the year
9/9/2019Enjoy another one - SoberLife
9/8/2019Love for you, Grizzled Bear
9/4/2019A seriously deluded individual!
9/4/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/3/2019You have some excellent threads there,..Mr. jenzie…lol
8/31/2019Hello shill. ~ DeplorableOldMan
8/28/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/28/2019This becos of scottish you. nobody like such as gay. not also like mendressskirt and haggis and hills and wisky. not good persons.
8/26/2019Did you feel your brian getting damaged?
8/25/2019The guy who gave you green before me is an idiot.
8/20/2019Insert "blame U.K retard again* helpng you to full red
8/18/2019Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
8/13/2019Here's another. You are quite a jackass
8/4/2019Helping you make it to number 4
8/4/2019Only debunked by small minded fools like yourself
8/3/2019Jesus Christ,..You need more Green Jenzie…lol ..CUB
8/1/2019You got this for sucking the cock of the EUSSR. Let that be a lesson to you. Phag.
7/25/2019You are a waste of air.
7/24/2019What a waste of a person
7/24/2019What a waste of oxygen
7/19/2019Thank you for contributing to the Omar thread//bailey howe
7/17/2019Oh Jenzie...Byeeeeeee
7/17/2019More Green wishes to you. Cheer's…CUB
7/16/2019I never understand foreign people with TDS such as yourself.
7/16/2019Thats just not true---and you know it. it's a show for people that really have no idea how to govern with laws and use emotions to convey attitudes.and you all have very bad attitudes. wake up! s
7/12/2019What now daft cow?
7/11/2019Good advice
7/11/2019Meds. Get some
7/10/2019Brian shortage, agreed. fret
7/9/2019One up
7/8/2019Gonna fill this red bar
7/6/2019More Green for my Buddy! Cheer's…CUB :)
7/5/2019For being 4 years old
7/5/2019Fuck Rack Of Red for Faggot
7/5/2019Purposely acting stupid
7/5/2019Trump bump :)
7/5/2019Comical...some of us need that sometimes...humour -- 1985
7/5/2019Funny little bald guy... i support you.
7/1/2019Enjoy your extra chromosome little guy, now you have one to match your Only Brain cell..TAI..
6/30/2019I really shouldnt waste a downvote on you because green supports the people that post quality stuff, but you are one of the biggest on here, so here is your reward
6/29/2019This green is like a butterfly landing on the head of a retard... should bring a smile to your face. Enjoy your extra chromosome little guy!
6/28/2019Isis supporter
6/26/2019CBD kills people
6/16/2019Hey i havent seen your ugly face around here latley. WB
6/15/2019And you aren't invited either
6/14/2019Wasting some red on you
6/12/2019Jesus Christ you're retarded.
5/30/2019You need some green badly…lol Cheer's... CUB
5/30/2019You're a sad little man.
5/27/2019Piss off
5/22/2019Mr pizza creep
5/22/2019Stupid. Probably a fag too. Stop walking like a mincer.
5/21/2019Twatious Humongous
5/21/2019Farage will be the next Prime Minister - Sindy Woow
5/17/2019Have some more, dickhead
5/17/2019Just because
5/13/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/13/2019Stick a tampon up your asshole douche licker
5/11/2019Because You Still Deserve Red.. Repent.. Inq
5/7/2019Good day, you funny bloke..
5/7/2019You got this for being an annoying little phag...
5/3/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/3/2019Muslim Loving Faggot
5/1/2019Fuck off, tard
4/29/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/29/2019Fuck you ~27fletcher
4/28/2019For your astounding compassion..
4/22/2019Trump bump :)
4/22/2019HA you got that Right,no Green for you only RED.
4/15/2019Full rack of red and you'll be gone. Won't be long!
4/14/2019Fuck you. 27fletcher
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