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mr jenzie's Karma

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12/30/2018Illegal alien lover!
12/30/2018Why are you such a dick?
12/30/2018Calling Other Posters Names.
12/29/2018Libtards gonna libtard
12/29/2018Non Believer
12/29/2018Green for calling bs on Brennan arrest -so we todd ed to make these claims
12/29/2018Mornin cuntlick IDIOT
12/28/2018You like red!
12/24/2018Merry Christmas
12/21/2018Shove up your poop shoot. Tard
12/16/2018Nearly there :)
12/16/2018You don't post enough!
12/13/2018SoberLife was here, on the wall of shame
12/11/2018Google a private company lmfao nobody can be this dumb
12/8/2018Reasonable for a cracker
12/7/2018Fuck you faggot cuck.
12/7/2018Idiotic brainwashed NPC lib-troll
12/7/2018Every time you post. It never fails. Ban this person already.
12/7/2018If you ban mr jnkumzie I will buy an upgraded account
12/6/2018You Really The King of Reds.
12/6/2018Hope karma finds you fast.
12/5/2018Ive taken shits with higher IQ's than you. Fucking retarded buck-toothed cross-eyed hunch-backed stinky-ass motherfucker. Go take your face for a shit.
12/5/2018Obvious shill. they used to post in AC, now its planely obvious.
12/4/2018Super glue a muslim's asshole to your mouth and eat some shit
12/4/2018Cry some more
12/4/2018Cry some more
12/4/2018You're fucktard. I bet you're on the government's payroll.
12/4/2018I'll help you with your dream of a full red bar
12/4/2018Just because you are a fag.
12/4/2018Shill loser
12/4/2018YOU are what’s wrong with the world. You need to say a prayer. Not make fun of those that do pray. Find Jesus. You REALLY need Him
12/4/2018Wonder why so much red? bigot
12/4/2018Vegans are bat-shit crazy! - Southern Deplorable
12/3/2018Sick of you
12/3/2018I see you're still hard at work, going for a solid red karma bar.
12/3/2018Pathetic tard
12/3/2018You dont suck dicks. You just hold in your mouth til swelling goes down
12/2/2018Go fuck your sister limey
12/1/2018Full red bar - u can do eeeeiiit !
12/1/2018Terrorists Win.
11/30/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/29/2018Eat shit
11/28/2018For surviing your mother's abortion
11/25/2018Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
11/23/2018Fucking shill,,avoid this guys opinion
11/21/2018Ignorant cunt . your comment shows no level higher intelligence then anyone else on the board. apl you did was prove your an idiot .
11/19/2018Globalist idiot
11/19/2018Fucking wee troll. Get the fuck outta here.
11/19/2018Suck on a limp dick u soyboy
11/17/2018You just keep coming back for more. Just like your other job as glory hole attendant.
11/17/2018But we can sure kick englands ass cant we
11/13/2018Lol anger tard
11/10/2018A baby said what?
11/9/2018Fuck off yourself, you cheap ass troll.
11/9/2018Libturd dummiie
11/9/2018No one likes you. Just die already
11/9/2018I don't know why i bother wasting a karma vote you, moran, but someone has to
11/8/2018We don't need an Executive Order, we're Americans , we CAN and WILL kill home invaders.
11/8/2018I see that you might need some more RED,Cant really think of a reason,but it suits you
11/7/2018F off muzzie lovin brit
11/7/2018For snorting kragle
11/6/2018GLP's lamest troll. Can't even find employment as a $3.50/hr. shill.
11/5/2018Red for you bro, enjoy!
11/5/2018You are a very stupid individual. I hope you haven't bred.
11/3/2018Go away. You pollute every thread you post on.
11/3/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/3/2018Don't eat dodgy mushrooms... Hahaha NowIhave
11/2/2018Maybe I was wrong about you. Last few comments you've made have been legit and full of common sense.
11/1/2018This is what happens to drunks.
10/31/2018Even Bob Dylan thinks your a dick
10/29/2018Fuck off with your cheap ass bullshit.
10/29/2018Being a cheap ass troller
10/28/2018Redddddddddddddd REDDDDDDDDD!!!!
10/27/2018I'm sorry you're so sick. Get help.
10/27/2018Such a tard
10/27/2018Lol Brits
10/27/2018Useless trolling as usual...
10/27/2018Your Fucking Opinion Douchebag
10/26/2018Epitome of Douche
10/26/2018Your opinion means nothing
10/26/2018LOL. Your desperation shows your failure as a human being. It's sad and comical at the same time.
10/24/2018Goat fucker
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