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Hugh G. Wreckshun's Karma

Total: 45 (35  User Votes + 6  Threads Pinned + 4  Thread Reports) and 16

5/28/2016From Ralph--a house dog
5/27/2016Nice of you to finally join us, ass ;-) - The Comedian
5/27/2016Go KTMoran go! hahaa
4/29/2016Drooling tRumptard
3/24/2016Tiny pee-pee
3/22/2016Fuck you - The Comedian
3/22/2016WIN: You can't take it with you! Sea Reef
3/20/2016Hello Hugh, good to see you...davvi
3/6/2016Such a sad little man, aren't you? Full of self importance and all you do is follow your master around here and hope he approves. Pathetic.
3/6/2016Vote for the Soylent Green Party - The Comedian
3/5/2016Good too see ya again~kpm~
3/5/2016I agree with you Carol B.
3/4/2016Green for you...davvi
2/26/2016So Comedian tells YOU to tell US how you whored yourself to make money and that's supposed to be what? Admirable? Keep circle jerking with your buddies here, it's entertaining.
2/24/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/23/2016Comedian's crusty goo sock puppet.
2/23/2016For sharing your experience.
2/23/2016Good story sad though. Munsoned
2/23/2016Awesome post about corruption in politics - Vision Thing
2/23/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
2/22/2016The Man - The Comedian
2/22/2016On torture and waterboarding, get some humanity...grumpier
2/21/2016Green from Tess. good post.
2/21/2016Feel better~kpm~
2/20/2016Green thanks for ya...davvi
2/20/2016Great post, Fox News thread----Terrebonne
2/20/2016Reported Abusive Post
2/20/2016Reported Abusive Post
2/19/2016Idiot thinking
2/19/2016I hate "Dick Wavers" in firearm threads, and you are a Dick Waver. Look at my big dick, I know more than everyone else.
2/19/2016You're really nothing more than an empty headed, opinionated blowhard. Must everyone bow down to your bad information? Douche.
2/12/2016One of my favorite humans - The Comedian
2/11/2016Thank you for those kind words...green for ya...davvi
2/5/2016LOL I'm Bernie thread-cgip
2/5/2016You're a truth slinger. bravo. -Random
2/3/2016Brocepheus - The Comedian
2/3/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
2/1/2016Try not being a dick 24/7/365 huh? ; )
1/26/2016Yo homes - The Comedian
1/14/2016Green from Philligan
1/13/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/12/2016Youre fucking stupid
1/11/2016We think a lot alike green...pilgrim d
1/9/2016Thanks for the compliment! ~ Lily
1/9/2016I like your style. love nikki
1/8/2016You are either a dumb fuck or a terrible shill.
1/8/2016Yep, Rand Paul is an idiot
1/7/2016Your glp name put a smile on my face; thanks for that! ~~~ Raye
1/7/2016Excellent user name!!
1/6/2016Good info. Thx.
1/6/2016From Philligan
1/6/2016Nice name, Hugh. - Factual Error
1/5/2016First! - The Comedian

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