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Doxie Den's Karma

Total: 85 (85  User Votes)

5/6/2016Have a great weekend ~ SunshineRay
4/20/2016Wednesday Green -- Wolf 1776
4/18/2016LauraPhoenix xxx
4/14/2016Greenback attack ~sickandtwisted~~
4/13/2016Have a great week, be well my friend -Haun-
4/10/2016Sunday Green -- Wolf 1776
4/7/2016Have a good day ~ SunshineRay
4/6/2016From Ralph--a house dog
4/5/2016Have a fantastic week, my friend -Haun-
3/31/2016Thursday Green -- Wolf 1776
3/31/2016Have an awesome week Doxie, from BE :)
3/30/2016Have a good day : ) SunshineRay
3/29/2016Thanks! ( Laura Phoenix ) xxx
3/23/2016Kindly thanks to you! ~Lily
3/23/2016Wednesday Green -- Wolf 1776
3/21/2016Back at ya ;) ~exlibris
3/21/2016Have a glorious blessed week, my friend -Haun-
3/21/2016Blessings;) Izzybeth
3/21/2016Bodiless was here!
3/20/2016Hope you have a fantastic week! byfaithalone
3/20/2016Buddylist green for ya~~sickandtwisted~~
3/19/2016Trump! - Kraut
3/19/2016Back at ya Doxie~kpm~
3/15/2016Tuesday Green -- Wolf 1776
3/12/2016Hi from Ralph--a house dog
3/12/2016Best Weekend Wishes--Bodiless
3/12/2016Thanks for the pin, from, ,,, JUST HERE :)
3/12/2016For Noah - SunshineRay
3/12/2016Fellow Trumpster green!!! ~~~ Raye
3/11/2016Hope your weekend is joyful and fun -Haun-
3/10/2016Back at you friend~~sickandtwiste​d~~
3/9/2016Doxie Den :) Fire Watch~
3/9/2016You have a wonderful week as well~kpm~
3/8/2016Tuesday Green -- Wolf 1776
3/4/2016Hi sweet Doxie! Have a fun weekend! ...nutmeg...
3/3/2016Trump 2016 - Kraut
3/3/2016Love your name. I've always been owned by loving Dachshunds. Miggy
3/3/2016Ty ;) izzybeth
3/3/2016Have a wonderul week Doxie, from Bacon Eater :)
3/2/2016Bodiless Green! for the East Texas Team!
3/1/2016Hi from Ralph--a house dog (East TX, south of Henderson)
3/1/2016Thanks for the nice thoughts Doxie - you're one of the good ones :)
2/29/2016Monday Greenery 2 U -- Wolf 1776
2/29/2016Have a great week my friend -Haun-
2/28/2016Fellow Texan and Trump supporter! ~~~ Raye
2/27/2016For Noah - SunshineRay
2/25/2016Green treats - thetoolman
2/23/2016Hi friend! Have a good week! ...nutmeg... :)
2/22/2016Thanks for thinking of me - green and good vibes to you! ~ Kevin (Quantum_Kev)
2/22/2016New buddy green, and TY for the green bean--Bodiless
2/22/2016Back at ya Doxie~kpm~
2/22/2016Monday Greenery 4 U -- Wolf 1776
2/18/2016Karma just for your pic-astral
2/18/2016Trump Rocks! - Indysmindy
2/16/2016Have a wonderful week! -Haun-
2/15/2016Thanks for the green, Philligan
2/15/2016Bodiless Greentings
2/14/2016Hugs and love on Valentine's Day! ....from nutmeg...
2/14/2016Sunday Green (Wolf 1776)
2/12/2016Peace and Love to you my friend! Susie..:)
2/11/2016Good observation!
2/11/2016Great meme of bush, thanks!~~sickandtwist​ed~~
2/11/2016You have a fantastic day as well!~kpm~
2/10/2016Heya Doxie, ty, you have a great week too!
2/9/2016Thankyou, Mutual Respect ( LauraPhoenix)
2/8/2016Fire Watch~
2/8/2016Have a great week! -Haun-
2/6/2016Hi friend! I hope you're having a great weekend! Hugs from nutmeg...
2/6/2016Trump Bump (Wolf 1776)
2/4/2016Daily dose of dank memes! -Hamboner.
1/29/2016Friday Greenery (Wolf 1776)
1/22/2016From the middle finger of Donald J Trump
1/21/2016Great job! ~ [email protected]@T
1/21/2016Karma Bump (Wolf 1776)
1/21/2016From Ralph--a house dog
1/20/2016Thanks for the laugh "Dear Abby" ~ Quantum_Kev
1/20/2016Green for a loving heart -Haun-
1/20/2016Because of your compassion for the young Carson volunteer who died in Iowa. ....nutmeg...
1/19/2016Thank you for your kind words~kpm~
1/18/2016Green for ya! - Obsolete

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