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PositiveFriction's Karma

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9/28/2018Tears of fear
5/1/2018Karma roLL .C.C
4/27/2018Hugs from eekers!!
4/16/2018Karma roLL .C.C
8/13/2017Hey homie! hope you are well. xoox eekers
7/27/2017How's this for CGI, faggot?
7/27/2017People died on that ride, not everything is fake!!! Have a heart!
7/26/2017Jukebox green! -auntiebeads
6/30/2017Pooch stuff
6/23/2017Hey! i was on there a few times the past couple of weeks lol no zika. xo eekers
6/23/2017Karma roLL .C.C
5/23/2017Hoaxtard jadehelm tard
5/22/2017BOMB Manchester thread
5/21/2017Hugs from eekers
5/21/2017From 0
5/20/2017Cheers to the music - InTune
5/14/2017Hugs from eekers!
5/13/2017Love Ellusion :)
5/8/2017Molly Tuttle *You Didn't Call My Name* :) Have good week, Sloane
3/28/2017Karma roLL .C.C
3/28/2017Hey homie hope you are well. eekers
3/9/2017Hugs from eekers
2/15/2017Miss ya! <3 Miss Alpha :)
2/3/2017Love from eekers
1/14/2017Long time. Huck Fillary.
1/8/2017Much love! eekers
8/16/2016Hey homie! hugs eekers
8/9/2016Green For ya ~ Miss Alpha
8/8/2016Hugs from eekers
7/21/2016Hugs! eekers
7/14/2016Karma roLL .C.C
6/30/2016Drive by green. U-p-g-r-a-y-e-d-d. (Sum ting Wong)
6/29/2016Hugs, eekers
6/22/2016Karma roLL .C.C
6/21/2016Hugs from eekers
6/14/2016<3 Miss Alpha
6/10/2016Green from balls deep
6/9/2016Cheers from upgrayedd- formerly sum ting wong
6/5/2016Hugs from eekers
6/5/2016Cheers :) <3 Miss Alpha
5/23/2016Karma roLL .C.C
5/23/2016Hugs, eekers
5/19/2016<3 Miss A
5/10/2016Green from Balls_Deep
5/10/2016Hugs, eekers
5/4/2016Hey, man. Some green!!-InfiniteDream​
5/3/2016Green 4 ya :) ~ Miss Alpha ....butter? Lol
5/3/2016They are afraid of the truth XxEarthIsFlatxX
4/30/2016Hugs from eekers
4/25/2016Throw your dumb drunk ass off the edge of earth loser
4/22/2016Greenback attack ~sickandtwisted~~
4/21/2016Happy Avril from Sum Ting Wong
4/21/2016Hugs from eekers :)
4/19/2016<3 MissA
4/17/2016Karma roLL .C.C
4/14/2016No thing wong. Happy April!
4/14/2016You need to come back over to Jukebox sometime!!-InfiniteDr​eam
4/14/2016Greenback attack ~sickandtwisted~~
4/13/2016Hugs from eekers!
4/13/2016Keeping it real XxEarthIsFlatxX
4/4/2016Karma roLL .C.C
4/1/2016Hugs from eekers
3/27/2016Beware the ides of March! Sum Ting Wong
3/26/2016Karma for you
3/23/2016<3 MissA ;)
3/22/2016Karma roLL .C.C
3/22/2016BACK AT YA ~~sickandtwisted~`
3/20/2016Chaning your avatar was smart. now change your user name, creep.
3/17/2016Hugs from eekers
3/11/2016<3 - Bhzp
3/10/2016Thursday green-InfiniteDream
3/9/2016Karma roLL .C.C Cheers!
3/7/2016Sunday greetings - sum ting wong
3/6/2016Hey positive!! hope you have a great week. send me some of that moonshine! LOL eekers
3/6/2016Green Smooches ~ LittleMissDictator :D
3/5/2016Oldboy is a disgusting movie that condones incest. Do you want to screw a family member?
3/4/2016BACK AT YA ~~sickandtwisted~`
3/4/2016Twisted Bastard ;-)
3/1/2016Thanks! 7th
2/28/2016Green cheers!!!-InfiniteDre​am
2/28/2016Flat_earth_tardarded is Real
2/24/2016Oldboy rocks. great film. eekers
2/24/2016Oldboy is a disgusting movie that condones incest. Do you want to screw a family member?
2/24/2016Karma roLL .C.C
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