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12/3/2022Fuck you shill! N95 masks are completely useless at stopping viruses too! You should be shot in the head for spreading the lie that N95 masks work. All masks are useless against viruses fucktard!
7/18/2022Well, cheerio! St Tidbits
6/16/2022You want to be owned from your own birth, by default, by God and the Government. Some of us don't BELIEVE in EITHER. <Well said
4/13/2022Ribeye thread
1/11/2022Great srticle ~Joseph
5/24/2020Good Doom Line
3/12/2020THANKS for posting in my nursing home thread, from savcash
10/3/2019Stop drinking the koolaide!
9/21/2019Peace out....Trey
12/28/2018For posting on my thread
12/24/2018Merry Christmas!! Hugs! -Freckle Face
4/24/2018Fuck off shill! probably another mod account!
3/2/2018Thanks for the updates -The Original Mind
3/31/2017Bumping my awesome thread!
8/19/2016Thank you for your excellent reply! Very helpful and certainly a different way to look at it!! - ItsAllOneBigLie =)

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