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LilMiss's Karma

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2/3/2017Keep up the niceties - Zed
2/2/2017I love words too. :) ~History Lion
2/2/2017You're sweet. Searchalot.
1/31/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/30/2017I give you green for the red some Ahole gave you~~WaitWutt~~
1/29/2017Lovely to see you again. Niamh x
1/29/2017Beautiful soul. Love and Hugs from Holland. InterMezzo : )
1/28/2017Attention whore
1/28/2017Hi smart chick, green for you! LTHN.
1/28/2017Back atcha darlin'! love your attitude & elder care compassion! SL
1/28/2017Type pence disability in the search box to see what your favorite member really thinks about the less fortunate
1/28/2017Thank you for being here :)
1/27/2017Crafty Gals HUGS
1/27/2017You are amazing Lilmiss proud to have you as a friend xx NOSAINT
1/27/2017Such a beauty-filled "jugeJUGE heart. ;) Love 'n hugs, Sunshyne
1/27/2017Having a kind heart ~ Hotmess
1/27/2017You are a kind soul. <3 Love from Patient Grasshopper
1/27/2017That was SO nice! beeches!
1/27/2017Here is more!
1/27/2017For your beautiful kindness. thx. -Freckle Face
1/27/2017PALCO !st, we;re last, entitled to whats left over, too old to care
1/27/2017<3 - av19
1/27/2017For being incredibly kind. - Nameless the Deplorable
1/26/2017For your kindness -auntiebeads
1/26/2017Because I can! :-)
1/26/2017An angel!! From ArkyTech
1/26/2017For doing awesome things for others - Zedakah
1/26/2017Peace & Blessings, Li'l Miss!- Helios Maximus
1/26/2017: *
1/26/2017Thank you for the green...her's some for you! ~Faeluna~
1/22/2017Thread has no meaning
1/21/2017'ere... McMurphy brand greenage!
1/21/2017I love that hug, thank you my friend ~ Chugiakian
1/20/2017Green from Goneviral
1/19/2017Xoxoxo mila
1/19/2017Beso :)
1/19/2017Yooo hoooo :P <3 (S)
1/16/2017Green on the green...:) ~Fluffy Pancakes
1/15/2017SW AR....Paradoxical-Ano​maly
1/12/2017Cause I can : )
1/11/2017Buddy List Karma Trade --- Deplorable QuantumLove xoxo
1/10/2017Best regards ~ troitcity
1/10/2017Green from Goneviral
1/9/2017Sup girl? <3 - Kai
1/9/2017It's A Secret
1/8/2017Back atcha!! Happy New Year Lil!
1/8/2017Thanks for the green, LM. Superduper
1/8/2017I wanna Rock! (ROCK!)
1/7/2017Rose are red, your karma is green, you are the prettiest girl, that I've ever seen.... Oh wait. - McMurphy
1/5/2017Happy New your to You! LTHN.
1/3/2017Happy new year, love mila!
1/2/2017Happy New Year! Blessings! ---Sungaze.
12/31/2016Happy New Year ! (S) <3
12/25/2016Merry Christmas!! LJS
12/24/2016Merry Christmas L.... Beso :)
12/24/2016Merry Christmas!!! ~ ItsMaKa2
12/24/2016Enjoy your Figgy Pudding! Hawk02
12/24/2016Worst attention whoring ever!
12/23/2016Do the right thing: C*I*R
12/23/2016You protect them. Silly.
12/23/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
12/23/2016Oh yeah
12/23/2016Merry Christmas and a happy New year, I'm waiting for that astro chart you promised ;) tyash
12/23/2016Have a very Wonderful Merry Christmas - - - JimBomB
12/23/2016Season's Greenings & Happy mafuken Christmas!! - McMurphy
12/18/2016Thank you ~FarMore
12/18/2016Christmas karma from mila!
12/17/2016Merry Christmas and thanks for the green! bigD
12/17/2016Smells like soup cooking :-D throw in some green (S) hihihi
12/17/2016Where Eagles Dare
12/14/2016Thank you! Hugs! ~ Simple27 : )
12/13/2016Secret admirer
12/11/2016Thank you for your kindness. :) It's A Secret
12/11/2016Hugs from mila <3
12/9/2016Lie your mind and spirit Lilmiss-lews therin
12/8/2016Xo :P <3 :-) (S)
12/7/2016Thank you . Fhirinne
11/26/2016Nanananaa naaaaaana :P (S) :-D
11/26/2016Green from Goneviral
11/18/2016P :P :p :-D (S) w <3
11/18/2016BUDDY LIST KARMA --- Return --- to --- Deplorable QuantumLove
11/14/2016Roses are red, shamrocks are green, McMurphy was here, but he wasn't seen.
11/11/2016Thanks for the karma 18
11/6/2016Meh meh meh :-) (S)
11/5/2016Nice one for having sense. Vala :)))
10/29/2016Love to you L....Beso :)
10/25/2016<3 Some green Love for you just because :) Fringe
10/21/2016ENFP me too - Betterguy2015
10/16/2016Count Simba
10/15/2016Buddy List Karma Trade --- Hit me back - Deplorable QuantumLove
10/15/2016Snowy :-)
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