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11/11/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/11/2018IQ of Mike Tyson's taint sweat
11/11/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/11/2018Moaning about karma
11/10/2018Pedo Asshole...I hope she shoots you down
11/10/2018Shallow and immature
11/10/2018Red anyway.. no need for report.
11/10/2018For planning to jerk off in the pumpkin pie you're giving to your new neighbor
11/10/2018Daddy issues
11/10/2018Thanks for the advice on not posting dreams/meditations until they have passed.
11/9/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/9/2018Made me genuinely laugh
11/8/2018Thanks for sharing that test. Jean-francois
11/7/2018Good topic.
11/6/2018This one gave his mom AIDS.
11/6/2018Ever notice that atheist partiest just love command economies. Socialism ain't charity, genius. It's atheist oppression.
11/3/2018For your interesting idea. :-) morgan
11/2/2018Did mommy say you could engage in anal sex with her dogs? No, so fucking stop it
11/2/2018Looks like you are headed to a pervy bookstore to me
11/2/2018Green from rubberchicken
10/29/2018What the hell are you even talking about?
10/29/2018Condemnation w/o explanation
10/29/2018Youre as funny as a case of herpes. Way to go, dickwad. Probably gay too. Fag.
10/17/2018And it gets the hose again! lol timur
10/14/2018Thanks, that was nice to say & I'll even sign my green for once out of appreciation ~Fret
10/14/2018I love snow too!
10/11/2018ZERO content to your BOOOOOOM Post,WTF?! Potatoe brains don't belong here obama, Piss Off!
4/21/2018Thinking with you vagi again I see
1/16/2018Using homophobia to divide American military
1/15/2018You don't seem all bad..
11/5/2016Hillary's vaginal warrior
10/21/2016Everyone on disability is not crooks
9/14/2016Red for you, but it seems pointless for a turd like you
8/29/2016Fuck your "dean with a masters"
8/29/2016Yet you're still a pathetic sack of shit.
8/28/2016Slaves to Government Cheese, now and to come.
8/28/2016Who the fuck are YOU to pass judgement on who deserves what? Hypocrite.
8/28/2016Cold heart
8/28/2016Some GREEN for you. Bless your heart. -Carnac
8/28/2016You better hope you don't end up disabled, asshole.
8/28/2016Dumb cunt
8/28/2016Eat shit you scum sucking faggot.
8/28/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
8/28/201611 threads today, Get a fucking life.
8/28/2016Hypocrites always get red. Here's your dose.
8/28/2016You get too much red. GCG
8/27/2016Qualities in others that prohibit friendship , any qualites YOU possess.
8/27/2016Fucking Idiot
8/27/2016For lying about the KKK...they do not recruit pussies
8/27/2016Awww baby needs his attention, poor little bitch
8/26/2016Major attention whore
8/26/2016Because you live for it...DAILY!
8/26/2016Not sure why you hang around. Maybe you should try MySpace.
8/26/2016What's one more bit of red going to hurt?
8/26/2016For peeps coming down on you hard for no reason
8/26/2016Black heart. You have no soul.
8/26/2016Total fucking moranic idiot.
8/26/2016Red for one of the stupidest posts in GLP history. Nicely done.
8/25/2016One Eye Satanist
8/25/2016Mandela effect..this used to be green. we know it is you bluespirit..succubus that you are
8/24/2016Paid shills thread. they hate to be outed.
8/14/2016Never give red but your posts beg for it! So I accommodated !
8/12/2016Hope all is well.
8/10/2016Some green ;-) take care ~bluespirit~
8/8/2016Take care of yourself green. And I like your green fish :) Sloane
7/23/2016Good mornin:)
7/22/2016Wow, you're on a regular troll roll today.
7/22/2016Pretty damn gae beta
7/22/2016Shut the eff up.
7/22/2016Impressive! I'm a grower not a shower. Also a little jelly.
7/19/2016And here is some red to take away from the green before me.
7/19/2016Fullmetal alchemist
7/19/2016What a moran!
7/19/2016Another fucking tard. GTFO!!!
7/18/2016And here is some red to take away from the green before me.
7/18/2016While we have different views, we all have our own opinions, some green to make up for all the red ~bluespirit~
7/18/2016Go blow the Horse you rode in on, I'm dissabled and I can tell you it's hardly enough to pay the bills.
7/18/2016You really are an ass.
7/18/2016How is a disability a choice? You have issues.
7/17/2016Love GFG
7/17/2016Thanks for posting such a positive message :-) morgan
7/16/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
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