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snaggle_poo's Karma

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8/26/2016Phi <3
6/28/2016Thanks... got the message.. green to honesty, ~bluespirit~
6/20/2016Smelly Poo
6/20/2016I'm not going to pretend like these others. You're nothing but a talentless suckup
6/18/2016I hope you find a place soon
6/17/2016Hope you guys find the perfect place, auto
6/16/2016No hard feelings on that negative thread my friend :-) ~bluespirit~
6/12/2016To counter the red thumb and for your poem a long time ago, ~Lumminessa~
6/12/2016Dishonest lying fuck head
6/8/2016Irony. Being your priority is not, nor ever has been, GLP. Hope the move goes well.
6/7/2016Fighthing the good fight
6/6/2016Glorious destiny :ohyeah: ~klis
6/6/2016Whiney Snuggle Pie lol... Um
6/6/2016Here you go. -I_am_who_I_am
6/2/2016Everyone's sick of your shit
5/27/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/27/2016Thank you ; ) - cecropia
5/27/2016Regards from Neander :)
5/27/2016Love Iset :)
5/26/2016Snuggle :P Um lol
5/26/2016You okay -I_am_who_I_am
5/26/2016Stealth shill account
5/25/2016Poo stinks
5/25/2016Thought you needed some green...InYerNeck
5/25/2016Creepy proxy stalker
5/25/2016Reported Copyright Violation
5/24/2016And to you sir (totally not friend-related). :D - E
5/22/2016Being a bully
5/22/2016Stop bullying people
5/22/2016You smell like poo.
5/22/2016Reported Abusive Post
5/21/2016No one can eat a crown
5/21/2016New heart
5/20/2016Derp..Fuck off...
5/19/2016Watches the path
5/18/2016Bad avatar
5/18/2016There there little fella
5/18/2016What is wrong with you?!
5/18/2016I really don't wanna read 86 pages, can someone summarize this thread pls?
5/18/2016Thanks - cecropia
5/16/2016You won't be around long
5/16/2016Old dick head poster trying to act like a new dick head poster

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