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Kalam's Karma

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7/20/2018Waitress tackles diner /I agree it
6/30/2018Karma and hugs....NolaAngel
6/13/2018Thanks for the video about Tommy Robinson demonstration in Australia - Vision Thing
6/9/2018I like your style! Carol B.
5/29/2018Up 1 for vaccine/science sanity. Reality420
12/18/2017Loneliness never lasts forever, but soulmates do, kind souls attract each other, you’ll find yours -MPB
12/18/2017Very minimal understanding of economics and human behavior. Freebees only create dependency.
12/18/2017Believes in the cult.
12/18/2017Green for a fellow loner from Emerald Glow 2.0
9/27/2017Bless you Mrs O!! :)
4/20/2017But God - yes! TheLordsServant
4/16/2017For Happy Easter thread. Thanks! --Fergus Mor Mac Erc
4/15/2017Happy Easter ~ Where Eagles Dare
4/15/2017Happy easter mrsO - curry nosher
4/15/2017Love GFG
4/15/2017Happy Easter to you too
4/15/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
12/31/2016Happy New Year! -Denizen
7/17/2016Catholicism is not Christianity. red for ignorance but still with love
7/3/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/2/2016Good work dispelling myths about the Catholic Church - Cryin Won't Help Ya
6/22/2016The one misinterpreting is YOU
6/19/2016Historic Jesus>>>MarPep
5/30/2016Thank you for putting into words a thought I felt not my place to express. <3 morgan
5/26/2016Thanks for your engagement in the hell thread - [email protected]
5/24/2016Best wishes from fellow celibate TheLordsServant
5/17/2016May it be all green - aqmah ^_^
5/13/2016God bless you! -JP2 (convert)

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