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Uwascallywabbit's Karma

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9/19/2021Globe earth shill
9/11/2021Either globe Earth shill or so badly indoctrinated that he can probably never recover.
9/4/2021Whoaaaa.fred savage! ~pnb ii
7/18/2021Vax must be kept sub-zero. Good observation. Greenest forest blessings from Happy in Nature
12/17/2020MAGA green!....Don D.
11/29/2020From humbird multiverse
11/28/2019Thanksgiving Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
11/25/2019Because we science fiction readers always stick together :)
7/25/2019Nerdgasm <3bfree
6/24/2019Cern civility
6/6/2019Maybe that's why The Pacific wasn't as good as BoB. Fret
5/6/2019REM = lammeee
5/5/2019REM green ~ SearchGirl
4/26/2019Marvel movies suck. Complete propaganda. They ruined what Marvel comics really was.
4/26/2019Sheep lool
10/23/2018Furries... NowIhave
10/9/2018Slave names
10/8/2018Apologies for misreading your comment - Janedoenut
9/18/2018I feel you are correct about life teaching you to be kind, as you process your own suffering.
8/27/2018Merkin. Very familiar.

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